Lingerie for the Wedding Night ++

Innocent and white-Dessous for the wedding night On the morning before the question arises: What should be under the dream in white? The bride has the unspeakable torment of choice: comfortable and functional or rather sexy and seductive? As Rebecca Bloomwood as a diehard shopaholic in the film of the same name well, underwear should be a basic human right-and not just on the day of the wedding itself, as we find. As a day-to-day companion, the perfect lingerie must not only provide an optimal fit, but also look unbeatable at certain moments; Woman wants to feel comfortable-visually and physically.

We thank Herminie Cadolle, who introduced the first modern brassiere to the market in 1889, revolutionizing the world of underwear. The 1960s brought the final rethinking: body cult and free sexual development created the attractive aspect of Spitzenhöschen & Co. – whereby the lingerie itself seems to have arrived in the 21st century. Nowadays it is worn for this, as well as billboards and advertisements show sparse clad Victoria’s Secret models and the ladies’ world drags the overpriced silk bags from the appropriate boutiques. So we try out the underwear a few years before we know our preferences, inclinations and needs to wrap in the finest couture.

On the big day, the question arises: practical or handsome? – And why not both?

So that she has a good feeling on the wedding day and he comes at the wedding night at his expense, there is the little lingerie 1×1 for the bride:

+comfortable & practical  Considering a whole day long in the supporting bodice or narrowing corset through the area must be able to change completely in advance. If you prefer the comfortable version, the choice is between classic bus tiers and simple dividers-not necessarily less sexy, but clearly with a greatly increased feel-good factor on

modern classic string or waist slit are among the most widespread fashion for down underneath. Also cup bra or multifunction bra for deep cut-outs or free shoulders belong in every underwear compartment.

Bettromanze The girlish-romantic lingerie look combines playful corsets, bodice or sweet little shirts with a bow insert in combination with stockings.

the perfect chewing pack  No matter whether it is too much, too little, too big or too small? the fascinating world of underwear miseries offers the right solution for every problem. Self-adhesive bra cups prevent unsightly flashing straps, double-sided tape ensures the correct support and a haute bodyslimmer slips the pads to the right places. But also classics from the underwear trick box like the Balconet-BH or the popular push-up are gladly used helper. But not only less can be done-the Minimizerdiminishes visually the upper range by distributing superfluously skilfully. Anyone who walks along the altar in a figurative wedding dress should also take a look at the rear view: the Po-Lifter helps. He shapes waist, thighs and of course a stunning butt.

the right choice of color Under the dream in white one usually also assumed an innocent and pure color. However, even cream or ivory are widely used in bridal lingerie fashion. If the future wife decides for a wedding dress in pastel tones, this color can also be found in the underwear. The English version of the bridal dresses (dark top and white skirt) also offers space for darker lingerie pieces. Colors such as ruby red, cobalt blue or the classic black also find their way to the wedding tulle.

different fabrics Elastic fabrics such as Lycra or Modal give the wearer a pleasant feeling because they can easily adapt to the shape of the body and thus neither cut or create unsightly pressure points. Microfibre are nice companions for any activity: breathable, extremely hard wearing and very high in wearing comfort, they ensure the wearer always the right fit.
The lingerie in silk optics, on the other hand, looks lucid and light : flowing and supple, it borders the silhouette of the woman.
Crazy and sexy is top; as one of the classic seduction douses, the top bra is one of the most popular underwear evergreens.
Also satin is an often processed fabric on the shelves of the lingerie department-cool on the skin, it is not only highly eroticizing on them, and is therefore often used as a disgraceful element in the outerwear.