Lingerie Brands: Belles, Luxury Lingerie

The new collections of the Belles are stunningly beautiful.

One of the brands of luxury lingerie from Brazil, the Belles stands out for its great taste, high quality and sophistication of its parts. Charm, Desire and Enjoy:these were the names chosen for the new releases of the brand, which we know better now!


Femininity is rediscovered by the entanglement between the delicacy and sophistication. The climate of novel inspires classic blends modern and forms of nature. Washed colors, white, sand and rosês depict lingeries that translate the fantasy and dream. In the prints, the exotic lure look at flowers that blend discreetly to savage. The beauty for the explosion of colours is inspired by the universe butterfly. The POA appears in foundations of tulle and crêpe. Guipir and embroidered tulle are represented in floral elements. Incomes receive fringed edges and finishes the metalized aspect telados tissues and laises lights up. The touch of silk ends a collection reportedly women.

I wish:

The season set a new direction for the lingerie. Guided by the exuberance, follows the flow of visual expression, characterized by a sophisticated aesthetic. Concepts in contrasting colors form the design, creating sculptural forms and silhouettes well thought. Lace in gold or total training that mix black with gold wires enhance the atmosphere of luxury. Satin with silk touch, laises and lace are the fundamental elements for an authentic and modern lingerie.


A collection which features contrasting and divergent concepts. The inspiration on the luxury as a reference and build the sculptural form lingerie. Elastic Strips in different widths feature proposals in strappy bra, that define the proposal sets. Blacks in different textures, golden sand and red tones ensure a extremely provocative. The tulle ilusione allows graphical effects in composition with the guipir. Metallised fabrics and Lacy favor hollow effect. Fringes and the leather effect finish the looks of fashion.

It’s nice to know more about the collections and novelties of the lingerie brands, isn’t it? Now, let’s understand a little more about what kind of woman inspires Belles to their creations in luxury lingerie – and nobody better to talk about it than the own brand:

“A woman who doesn’t hide behind costumes. Is naturally sexy and you know it. Know your body and know to value their real attributes.
Is independent, but chose to reaffirm your feminine side, soft and romantic. Your way sweet and spontaneous is your weapon to strategically create, detail by detail, special moments that enchant and entice your lover to conquer your most intimate desires.
The luxury of being who you are.”