LG G4: High-Tech in Finest Leather

Conclusion: In the test, the LG G4 demonstrates clear strengths in camera and QHD display. The equipment is quite lush.The battery time is us in the test but abdominal pain.

LG has completed the series of new Android-top models for the year 2015 with the G4; and is it at least visually withdrawn with two unusual features of the competition: the slightly curved display and the back of the leather. Also a technical detail is surprising: the LG G4 to see microSD cards of up to 2 TB in size. Users of G4 not however, have a practical use of, because there are currently only cards with up to 200 GB.

LG G4 In The Test: Prices And Specifications

The LG G4 costs to the market launch 650 euro, you pay again about 50 euro more for the fancier and quite nonstandard leather editions. On the data sheet, the G4 seems genuine high-end models: highlights include the new 6-core processor Snapdragon 808 1.8 GHz, the GPU Adreno 418, the QHD display (2560 x 1440 pixels-5.5 inch) as well as the 3 GB memory and the 32 GB internal memory. On the Web, you come by default with LTE Cat6 and WiFi-ac. The 16-Megapixel of camera sound technically but not more after much that snapping is reflected in the test but as the greatest strength of the Smartphones from South Korea.

LG G4: Smartphone Photographers

LG places great emphasis on the G4 on the camera. It is only logical that the manufacturer used an ordinary, 1/2.6-inch image sensor and an open aperture of F offers 1.8, so more light onto the sensor can drop. That is noticeable in the test: Although the noise like when any Smartphone with decreasing brightness increases, but details are perfectly visible in low light. Even Flash shots are well lit, the colors look natural. Particularly praiseworthy: The shutter lag is only 0.69 seconds. The camera of LG G4 thanks to crisp sharp and true color images as well as a feature-rich camera app is the best smartphone Knipse, we have had so far in the test.

LG G4: Colourful Display With Light Contrast Weakness

Strengths and weaknesses in the display test of G4: The LG Smartphone has a very colourful LC display which meets even the white point very well – but with a slight tendency in the bluish. The 5.5-incher, however, has dropped in the checkerboard contrast: the black level is too bright and muddies the contrast. With 407 cd / m² is the LG G4 very bright, although not as strong as about a Sony Xperia Z3 or a iPhone 6 plus. The resolution is stately 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, so all content on the big screen are perfectly visible.

LG G4: Battery And Performance

According to WHEREVERSMARTPHONE.COM, the trend in the high  tech end range is clearly towards tightly fitted battery. Some users should be pleased therefore, that LG of its old line remains faithful and uses a replaceable battery in the G4. With 3,000 mAh is also quite abundant, you should not expect so but an extremely long life, because the 5.5 inches large and very high resolution with QHD screen consumes energy vigorously. In the online run-time test the breath goes out in 4:43 hours the LG G4. It’s nothing unfortunately.

Performance Bloopers Like In The LG G3?

When it comes to performance, CPU and GPU should be more than sufficient for a soft operation and lightning-fast opening of apps – and usually the Smartphone feels just so. Every now and then animations look but not so liquid, as they should be and apps need a little moment, until they are ready to go. It is this more inconspicuous micro delays, but especially in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S6 This fall in the test. There’s still room for improvement, the experiment with the unknown SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 is so not quite gone from our point of view. Nevertheless it shows not nearly as lame as the LG G3 rather botched to the market launch in the critical points, because even in his weakest hours the LG G4 in our test dust is still solid grades and trumps its predecessor to length.

LG G4: Useful Additional Apps

The preloaded apps fall more into the category of ‘helpful’, rather than as usual under “Bloatware”. Also, you can just uninstall many applications on request.The apps include among others the fitness Tracker LG health, a file manager, a backup tool as well as a radio and a remote control for the built-in infrared transmitter.

Lg G4: Alternative

If you are looking for a stylish, high resolution Smartphone with decent performance and photo quality, which is Samsung Galaxy S6 the right alternative for you. The S6 is superior to the LG G4 on most points, but also this round 70 euros more expensive (32 GByte version) more expensive. However, the disadvantages of Galaxy smartphones are firmly installed battery and the non-existent microSD slot. And: leather is reserved in the cell phone world only the G4.

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