LG G2, The Information

With the new LG G2, the Korean company presents its new high end terminal. Launched it with a generously-sized screen, most pointer level hardware and some that another innovation to differentiate it from other companies Smartphones.

Although they are not all, features are important and this LG G2 We could say that they are outstanding. Dominated by a processor Qualcomm SnapDragon 800, of the most powerful on the market today, with a display IPS and FullHD of 5.2 inches, and seasoned with an Android 4.2.2 system, LG has decided do not use physical buttons on the front or side, by placing them on the back for, say, a convenience.

LG G2, features: powerful as few

Few will be surprised if we say that LG G2 will be one of the most powerful Smartphones on the market, at the height of others like Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Galaxy S4 Advanced that also make use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip. In the case of this G2, is a MSM8974 of Krait 400 quad-core that will work at a frequency of 2.26 GHz., and that it will be accompanied by 2 GB memory LPDDR3 and graphic Adreno 330. For many, one of the best and most powerful chips on the market today,

The terminal is dominated by one 5.2 IPS screen inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution (443 ppp). LG has taken care of the design, and indicates that it is one of the wider market (6.85 cm) with minimal margins, only 2.65 mm on the side of the device.

The camera uses a sensor OIS 13 Megapixel, with a front of 2 which we understand is capable of recording video FullHD, while battery is 3,000 mah. While this figure may seem high, the 800 Snapdragon chip is one of the most powerful and also one of those higher energy consumed, with what we hope to be able to test this device to provide a real measure of autonomy.

Of course the system chosen is 4.2.2 Android ‘Jelly Bean’, including the interface of LG itself as well as a number of features implemented and proposed in the form of various applications. New noteworthy in this respect, are programs that we already knew from previous Android Smartphones of the Korean company, including notes of text or the camera capture application.

We could not forget the LTE connectivity, present in much of the most recent releases and that, given that the terminal if distributed in Spain, we take for granted will be compatible with the bands that we use here. Two versions 16 and 32 GB of internal storage, will be sold though the press release does not pray if they include expansion via microSD cards.

The physical keys are only back

If it is true that LG G2 It is a terminal that highlight characteristics, there is an important section that LG seeks to stand out over the competition. We have a phone that It lacks physical buttons on the front and sides, because LG has decided to include them in the back.

Why? According to official information, as the Smartphones they win dimensions becomes more difficult to gain access to certain positions of the phone. To solve this problem, the rear area is always at our fingertips and will allow us to execute certain functions using combinations of keystrokes in the present two physical buttons.

This placement of keys is called Rear Key, and I understand that we have to get used. LG speaks of two available shortcuts: press will allow to increase or decrease the volume of the system, and both buttons long pulses run camera applications or text notes.

If what we want is to simply turn on the screen there is a function that is assigned directly, and taking into account that the G2 has no other buttons it may seem a difficult mission. How is it then unlock? LG has solved a very simple way: Double-tap on the screen While the phone is in standby it will be enough to turn it on, showing the method of operating system crash.

LG G2, price and availability

Officially launched today, LG G2 will come to Spain between the months of August and September. LG indicates that the launch will be phased and will occur in the next eight weeks, in Korea of the South, North America, Europe and other key markets, literally, by a price that has not yet been revealed and, Yes, saying that it will be available in two colors: black and white.