LG G-Slate

After talking here about the LG Optimus 2x Star phone , now it’s the turn of an Android tablet from LG to take the stage. Meet the LG G-Slate.

LG G-Slate

LG G-Slate Tablet

The LG G-Slate really does have some innovative features, little seen in working on smartphones and tablets of similar or higher level. The LG G-Slate has a 3D camera and a 3D screen (I wrote just right not to confuse), 2MP front camera for video conferencing and runs a version of Android 3.0 HoneyComb, created especially for tablets.

What are the main features of LG G-Slate?

The 3D camera can be used in stereo mode for creating 3D videos or for taking 5MP photos with flash or high resolution videos. It also has stereo speakers, HDMI output and micro USB port, which can be used to connect to a dockstation (base type).

According to the video you can see below, the battery allows up to 10 continuous hours of video viewing. Watch and draw your own conclusions.

Among Android tablets, G-Slate certainly comes with everything in the competition of the best tablets for the Google mobile platform. Who knows, he may not even have some 3D games, and come in with everything in contention as a gaming tablet , huh?

It is worth remembering that some people feel some headaches when using tablets and 3D screens. Test a little then before you buy.

Do you think the G-Slate tablet is a good buy? Would you invest in this tablet just because of 3D? Leave in the comments your opinion and choose.