LG G Flex, The Information

LG or Samsung, things are going to be pretty tight with regards to have the first mobile phone with curved screen, in the same way that happened with TVs. Samsung fired first, something that could be considered that it is not a final product, and LG does so shortly after with a device that assumes more mature.

LG G Flex, that is its name, which comes under his arm with a little mess. Many people can interpret that phone is flexible, and is really hard like that more. Both Samsung Galaxy Round and the protagonist of this news have flexible screens to get the curvature, but for now nothing rolling phones.

Korean companies present him as the great evolution in smartphones, and it is clear that they are the first to work on it, as usual. If it is set to become the new 3D, it is something that we can not forward, we have even had it in your hands. It is assumed that they are thin, resistant screens, and will open the way to new factors of shape in all kinds of devices.

A LG G2, with curved screen and lower resolution

Practically we could sum it up as well, since we have a LG G2 that has grown to six inches, that have reduced the resolution of screen – Full HD – up to the 1280 x 720 pixels. Another important aspect is that we went from LCD to OLED to get the curvature.

Do not forget me discuss it – friendly Samsung -, this screen is the largest market with POLED (Plastic OLED) panel. Another shot that stuck to its neighbors is that his panel has RGB matrix of pixels.

So far LG boasts the curvature to get sound from loudspeaker and microphone quality is higher, increasing the volume in three decibels with a flat phone. When it comes to viewing multimedia content, establish a parallelism with the IMAX cinema screens.

We should do a quick comparison with the proposal from Samsung, and the curvature here is top towards down, rather than left to right as in the Round. Ergonomically it seems more successful, we do not think the same thing when it comes to save it.

Moreover, very similar to the LG G2, since the base rests on a Qualcomm Snadpragon 800 running at 2, 26GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD) and LTE connectivity. The Chambers are maintained, 13 and 2.1 megapixel.

The interesting thing about the device is that despite its dimensions and genuine forms, keeps a – 160.5 x 81.6 x 7.9 to 8.7 mm – quite gotten lines, with only 177 grams of weight. There has been space to place a battery of 3. 500mAh, also developed to accommodate curvature.

Another thing that inherits from the LG G2 is the pendant back, in this case with enough sense to be the curved side, enough got thick. We’ll see if it is also so comfortable. Without leaving us back, it is made of a self-repairable material, we believe that it is a surface treatment that can fix small scratches.

LG G Flex, price and availability

The phone has been featured in Korea of the South, which is where it will initially appear in the month of November, in the hands of the three main carriers. For now no prices or availability overseas. We remind you that Samsung phone has suffered some criticism by presenting it as a test, with limited units and high price, more than a product for all.