LG 22LS4R LCD Monitor Can Also Work As TV

It is lightweight, offers many video input options, has great sound quality and may well go to the living room.

The advancement of technology in the construction of LCD monitors has helped manufacturers to develop models of sizes not imagined have on our desks. And the best: taking up much less space.

A 19-inch tube monitor, for example, enough weighing 22 pounds, with consumption of 100 watts. Today, there are models with LCD 22 inch screen area that won’t get weigh six pounds and your energy consumption is less than 50 watts.

A large screen can help a lot to handle many applications and images. And you can enjoy the TV schedule – on a monitor with comfortable size – since some models include this feature.

The 22LS4R equipment, from LG, reviewed by PC WORLD. He weighs less than six pounds and has a thickness of 7 cm (16 cm, if you count the base), which allows you to carry it with ease.

The 22 inch model offers maximum resolution of 1680 by 1050 pixels and has a contrast ratio of 3,000:1. This feature reports on the reason of luminosity to go from white to black.

That’s what makes us realize the shades of colors of an image. The higher this number, the better. With this rate it was possible to watch DVDs and TV shows without problem in perception.

Brightness, measured by unit cd/m ² (candelas per square meter) is 300 (as most LCD monitors) and the images were sharp. As for the response time, stayed in 5 milliseconds.

This data indicates the range that one pixel leads to light and delete or move from one color to another. The smaller the better. This rate is also common in most monitors manufactured today and is enough to not cause unwanted effects. The rates of old LCD monitors arrived to the 18 milliseconds.

On the back of the equipment component video connections, composite video, S-Video, PC audio input, headphone jack, a VGA port and an HDMI. And, of course, the type RF connector to connect the antenna or cable TV. The two front speakers are very discreet, but despite this, the sound is loud and clear.

Through the remote control it is possible to adjust the channel search screen size (wide, 4:3 and zoom), equalize the sound and adjust the timer to automatically turn off, in addition to the common functions of adjustment of brightness and contrast.

With the remote in hand, watching a TV show or DVD, even if you forget he can be used as a computer monitor.

The HDMI connector, which serves both on PCs (with current video cards), as well as Blu-ray players or even a hometheater, is an option to take advantage of the latest technologies of playing videos.

In addition, small remote control buttons are arranged on top, with the same functions. Use it as a monitor on the PC was extremely comfortable.

The same happened with the visualization of entire pages of the internet at once or when opening multiple programs without getting lost in the taskbar. The price suggested by LG of 1,300 real can scare the hell out of first, after all, a 29-inch tube TV cost on average 750 reais.

But when considering weight, ease of transport and to use it as a PC monitor, it is clear that it is a very attractive option. The only thing missing was the option dde PIP, to view the programming while using the PC.