Lenovo Smartphone

Just a couple of days ago we became aware of the plans-alleged, better specify-by Samsung to diversify its range of high end mobile SoC. The company would be determined to keep its processor top, the Exynos 8890, which should fuel some variants and models of the upcoming Galaxy series S7, and give the competition a slightly less powerful, whose name would be Exynos 8870. Quantifying the exact differences is not possible, at this point in history, but sources claim that it would be marginal, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon would be comparable to the 8870 820 Exynos.

Not many third party clients of Samsung regarding SoC: Historically, only Meizu offers the “Pro” variant of its flagship with these processors-getting great artsandhealth.ie/zovirax/ resultsas well, at least in the benchmark. In 2016, however, there may be at least another company interested in this solution: Lenovo.

The rumor comes from the usual Chinese social, and for the present, there is no hard evidence to prove it. The source, however, has some experience in the field, and it has often proven reliable. Other than that, no news was leaked on other characteristics of the device: given the SoC, however, it is more than obvious to hypothesize a flagship. It is very likely that we will see, if you really exist, in the second half of 2016, not before, to coincide with the launch of Exynos 8870.