Legal Watches

Wall clocks are decorative items that you barely notice unless you’re late. Then you search desperately for the watch right?

Well, what if I told you that you don’t need to have a clock without grace on your wall? You can be Freak and different and have a fashion watch in your living room or Office. I can give you some tips, how about?
This watch there for example, every hour full a bird begins to sing. All you can find ridiculous, but would you believe that my grandfather has one of these? And she loves when the birds begin to sing. Why has taste in everything.

And how about that doughnut? Cool huh? not only figured out how to see the time:/

Maybe you’re on a diet and prefer toast, will know, I said there’s no accounting for taste.

Sure would be nice to have an orange sitting on your computer, at least I would make out.

OK! We don’t have any of these to sell, and as the name of the post says are IDEAS FREAKS massss…

We have this watch here

If you’re a fan of Madonna, don’t lose this!! It is made of vinyl record, you know that old bolachão? So is perfect! Run down to the store and get.