Ledon “Dual Color Work”: Led Light for Working and Living

With new connects LEDON known at his “dual work color” – E27 LED lamp: design and double control we didn’t know already, switching between two light colours with additional stepless dimming yet. That the new model in spite of the high price and otherwise promoted premium claim of the Vorarlberger wants to offer no RA-90 excellent color fidelity and can is amazing.

Actually it’s lamp, which can change the color of their light Yes not the first LEDON. The”sunset dimming” offered three years simulates the behavior of incandescent lamps at dimming and glows in the dark from always “warmer”. The period between 2700 and 1900 Kelvin color temperature is with her with a combination of white and red of led and an amber-coloured chips covered; the color rendering index reached at lightest settings excellent RA/CRI 90 – as nearly All LEDON lamps /lights.

The new “dual color”-E27-retrofits put on a different principle: change their lighting not dimming, but by simple light switch commands. The “Double Click” technology is available at LED long;. previously, it was used only for the optional reduction of luminous flux to approx. 30% of the maximum value in the Vorarlberg. More and more manufacturers offer LED lights with a switch from two or even three color temperatures, however, in the meantime.

The “work” variant was tested

In this segment, LEDON wants to be now with two dimmable A66 variants here: the “dual color work” offers “neutral white” 4000 Kelvin and “warm white” 2700 K – about for flexible use in the Home Office; “Dual Color relax” is it with 2700 and up to a “particularly cosy ambiance” serve “ultra warm white” 2000 K according to press release for “comfort-oriented applications”.

To test that ended up in my “work” – version for heavy 24.99 Euros offered in the company’s online shop. With 12.5 cm total length, 6.8 cm maximum diameter and 180 gram weight, it surpasses their”normal” A60 sister models from the same performance class (around 10 Watts, CA. 800 lumen luminous flux), but matches them with the familiar shaft design and the material mix of sturdy, White aluminium casing and matte plastic hood. You should take before buying it is essential to let your housing enough space for the installation of this “giant pear” and their heat dissipation. Similar to light 60-Watt incandescents are around 20% shorter and narrower.

More than specified a few Watts Zehntelchen

In my test version that is open, hanging was the “dual color work” after two hours at the hottest spotwarm near the base up, up to 73 degrees. Down on the hood, it remained safely touchable with about 25 degrees.

The power consumption on a dimmerlosen switch at this point: 10.6 Watts at “warm” setting, 10.5 W at “Neutral white” – that is something more than the face value of 10 W (see EU eco-labelon the left). The electric power factor of 0.77 remained the same and was therefore higher than the official statement by only 0.5 (Download pdf of LEDON data sheet). The professional lab detected 10.5 watts each and factor of 0.8.

No visible flickering – not even to the dimmer

The light delays amounted to toggle on and off just over half a second, the light remained virtually silent and there annoying flicker effects in the display of the digital camera nor the measurements with the “Flicker Tester” app “Viso systems”:

To prevent fears: also (see below) remained the index at 0.0 during the tests with different dimmer models and the percentages were in the same reference frequency 100 Hz only minimally higher: 4-5% in phase section control, maximum 7% for phase control. Thus, even very flicker-sensitive people are likely to deal.

Wacker also gave the new LEDON in the measurement of half-value angle(Download pdf of the diagram): Well 263 degrees largely correspond to work specifying 270 ° (see Pack snippet on the right). My standard light image photo actually shows a very round radiant characteristics without disturbing light volume peaks or vulnerabilities:

Also towards the base, it is still sufficiently bright; Thus the advisable “dual color” pretty much universally applicable light sources for different mounting positions.

Super color fidelity? Unfortunately not

The quality of light restricts the universality but unfortunately something.For this special model you must say goodbye to the usual Association “LEDON = excellent color fidelity”.

Read the Pack stating “Ra = 80″ for the”General color rendering index” (photo on the right), I suspected even well-kept Austrian understatement and hoped on far better laboratory results in good spirits. After studying the measurement results of my blog partner “David communication” free provided was clear, however: more than RA 83.2 “neutral white” setting (download the test report) is in fact not available; in the “warm white” mode there are only RA 81.3 (Protocol).

Deep red is barely in the direction

The spectral diagrams of two colour temperatures (according to measurements 3889 and 2726 Kelvin) with the radiation distribution in milliwatts per nanometre wavelength show, inter alia, that the colour dominants with good 578 and around 583 nm quite close together and the flanks right the hill top in the direction of early drop off deep red:

The diagram with the distinctive blue peak is left to “neutral white” set, which provides aluminous fluxadvantage with the help of the larger green component: 858 instead of just 794 lumens at “Warm white”. Both values are within a 10-percent deviation tolerance of 800-lm par. The “dual color work” can so easily to replace 60-watt incandescent.

Weak values for additional measuring colors

Some values for the additional color fidelity reference tones, were downright disappointing for me, for example, very low 11.8 or 5.4 for “Red saturated” (R9) 61.9 or 70.2 for “Blue saturated” (R12). Just these two colors play a big role in my usual color fidelity motif – a red Ducati and a deep blue Yamaha in miniature against a white background (white balance “daylight”, without editing, to enlarge click):

This does not really look bad while both; I representing approximately 3900 k liked but(left) much better, and therefore more succinctly, true because the rich colors of less in the direction of ochre are moved ‘ come on over. Right mopeds and paper, however, as covered in a yellow veil, without the CLOUT for red and blue, are the we otherwise byRA > 90-LEDON lamps know. The drop shadow is in both light color settings multiple diffuse; a sign that several spaced LEDs under the hood of the lamp and not just a point light source is scattered by the matting.

Blue ring instead of Red soles

The blue coloring between screw and contact tip (photo right)is slightly misleading again. LEDON has two color codes for its packaging: red stripe for dimmable lamps (see below left), blue stripe non-dimmable models. Have this blue base part but all new LEDON E27 retrofits also dimmable as the “dual color”-variants.

The blue is so obviously intended to brand-typical feature of color similar to the Red sole Louboutin Heels, and not as a valuable indication of the possibilities of the lamp.

Wide control range of the phase control dimmers

Which I already more or less elegant would have transferred to the topic”dimmer compatibility”. This test is always one of the most expensive parts of the test, because I try out the control behaviour now with at least three different models of dimmer.

The result in short form: The widest range of brightness offered this LEDON to a young phase control dimmers withJustierschräubchen – between 5 and 100 percent. The scheme was fairly proportional to the dimmer position and remained almost completely flicker free.

Very dark preset there was about one second long power flickering however, until the light had stabilised. At lighter levels, the lamp reacted against it just as fast as on a simple switch. Disadvantage: this combination was the loudest especially at medium brightness. Lamp and dimmer buzzed otherwise was distance, up to at least 50 cm to hear the sound in a silent environment in 20 cm distance.

Pretty quiet with dimmers

That was the quietest “dual color” with two dimmers. Here she only up to about 10 cm, while the dimmer itself either remained silent (Ehmann “be T46”) or to a maximum 5 cm distance were heard buzzed (Sygonix 33596V/ “be T46. 03”). Here an about a repowering noticed after switching high rules and partly a similarly long delay following the dimmer requirements – especially in the lower two-thirds of the control path. That was largely proportional in the upper third.

Apparently the ballast of the LEDON works according to the motto “Thoroughness going on speed” and make it so – together with a very high PWM frequency ruleto avoid unsightly Flacker and flicker effects.

Oddly enough it played almost no role in the dimmers, adjustable are; the length of the rule was almost identical: 2.9 to 11.4 Watts at the “be” dimmer without adjusting screw (each performance lamp and dimmer); 2.2 to 11.2 Watts with the adjustable Sygonix. This corresponds to around 15 or 10 to 100% of maximum brightness. That should be enough for most usage purposes. With many other models of dimmer for a compatibility list, by the way the LEDON website (Download pdf).

My test result:

Full Dimmability, sufficient brightness, round beam pattern, a long nominal lifetime of 25,000 hours of light or 100,000 switching cycles and Five year manufacturer’s warrantyare the “Dual color work” by LEDON (Print right). She can with around 10.5 Watts and good A +-not only traditional 60-W incandescent lamps replaceefficiency, but switch to using double switch pressure even between two light colours. It is theoretically very well for flexible use in “Multi purpose”-spaces, in which situation-dependent time sober “neutral white”, times wohnlich-“warm white” light is needed.

Practically there but a major limitation: the color fidelity is only average with maximum RA 83.2 and barely sufficient for cosmetically, artistically or gastronomically sophisticated lighting challenges. Especially the rich red tones play remains strong behind the otherwise ledon familiar, very high light quality. Nearly 25 euros are in my opinion a far too proud price for the offer; My LED rating scale is in any case not more ‘ out as
two and a half stars.