LED And Health Does LED Lighting Improve Your Quality Of Life?

In this third part about LED and health, we continue as we are affected by the color tones that own the illumination.

It has been shown that color affects us not only at the soul level, as shown by numerous studies carried out in this regard. They test the benefits of light of a certain color, that is, the wavelength of the same, in the treatment of different types of chronic diseases, cosmetics, moods, etc.

Our greatest influence is the light of the sun, its illumination throughout the day varies its composition in colors, which directly affects our circadian rhythms or even the adaptation of the sight to the three different types of tones, that is, the vision During the day called photopic, the evening called mesópica and at night we have the vision called scotopic, or put another way, the sun varies its spectrum with more amount of blue during the day and more amount of red at night.

Therefore we can save energy during the night if we illuminate with a light that contains more blue components, because with these shades (cold white) we need less luminosity to perceive the same sensation of radiance.

Does LED influence our health?

We can not say that LED is beneficial or not for health, rather it is the light that influences us, the different LED devices are only the source that emits it and allows us to artificially create the spectrum of light that we pretend, ie, The colors with which we want to light the area.

If we speak properly, it is not LED bulbs that influence our health if not the colors it can emit.

Numerous experiments are currently being carried out using “chromotherapy”or “light therapy”, perhaps the most famous being the study that is being carried out in cancer treatments, which yield positive results that bring greater hope in his fight.

Of what there is evidence is of the influence in our states of mind and/or biological rhythms, mainly of the blue color in the light.

The tones or colors in the lighting directly affect reaction times, improve attention, performance and of course, the mood of people, increasingly used in depression treatments.

From Which It Follows That Having A Correct Illumination With Lamps Or Other LED Devices Is Beneficial For Our Health.

But does it have side effects or possible drawbacks of this type of lighting? This will be discussed in the next article on LED technology and its influence on our health.