Learn the Story and How to Wear a Cap

After the floppy hats, wreaths and turbans, I see myself again with a cap fastening.But in fuxicar my timeline, I see that I’m not alone in this cause: girls of the most varied styles and types populate with their looks that inspire as well, show how much the cap can be democratic and versatile.

The history of the cap

Legends claim that the earliest head protections appeared around 4,000 BC with records in Egypt, Babylonia, and Greece. Around 1000 BC, in ancient Rome, the barretains appeared, more similar but cone-shaped model, which was used by freed slaves, alluding to freedom . The model gained a reread during the French Revolution , in the late eighteenth century, called “bonnet rouge”, becoming the symbol of the republican party.

The shape in buds, with a stitched part, as we know it now, had its first “appearance” around 1800 , from an English butcher.From then on, it became more and more an element of social and professional distinction, in uniforms and attire of certain activities.

The caps have gained notoriety even in the transition of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with the advent of baseball. From then on, the model was popularized and gained fashion accessory status in the 60’s when the first molds and stylized shapes emerged. In the 80’s, with the boom of the culture of the academy, the street and nightclubs also conquered the feminine heads of manner.

From history to the present …

The cap gains a presence in women’s looks, as an element of “equality”. Regardless of the jump, or tennis, femme fatale or tomboy, jet-set culture or ghettos, the piece gives vacations to the most daily proposals and is embedded in looks of the most varied stylings. The rule is the more unusual, the better!

No doubt, just like the culture of sneakers and backpacks, this “bonemania” goes far beyond a fashionista phenomenon . In times of feminism and great debates around the genre, it is the idea that the accessory can be an item of intercession, something common and shared between men and women, not to mention that the rise of the caps between all the classes contributes and much when the conversation is a fashion that goes beyond social barriers.All this concept is already a trend of consumption for the next few years.

The item that was once male, reappears in this new moment “girl power” and gains even more force among the female audience, making our heads with style, attitude and a sexy appeal, why not ?!I divided into four groups current and thought-provoking ways of using the hit:


With the advent of normcore and sportswear , the accessory becomes a complement of weight. Easy to combine with jackets and sweatshirts , after all the chance of the decade leaves the productions with young and bare air.

Basic bitches:

Are your cleavages and crevices worth a thousand words?Okay, I understand!Bet on the caps to break the “provocateur” attitude and make production more cool.Do the double too with the swimsuits, beachwear of the time!


It is foolish to think that the words “cap” and “chic” do not fit the same sentence.The classic ladylike silhouette modernizes with our darling.


Enjoy that hip-hop references are on the rise!In addition to the oversized visual size, how about putting that “sneaker” heavy “back into play ?!


I confess that this is so that it has “masterclass” in style and boldness.But the accessory makes even more interesting and “nuanced” productions such as boho, Japanese minimalism and tropical maximalism “à la Carla Lemos” even more interesting.

Did you feel like it? So, wait until tomorrow you have a post with the coolest brands for you to find a cap to call your own!