Learn How to Use the Leggings, Hit Between the Famous

With brightness that mimics the leather, trousers became a fever between celebrities and anonymous

The leggings are here to stay. Democratic and versatile, they have taken over the wardrobe of the famous. In recent days, Juliana Paes, Deborah Secco and Milla Jovovich, star of Resident Evil, appeared wearing the piece. See photos!

The black model with a slight glow, usually made of cirré (synthetic fabric that mimics the leather), is so common in visual of celebrities, the R7 decided to listen to experts give tips on how to use them properly.
The personal stylist Paula Acioli confirms the trend that the leggings are everywhere and says, with the democratization of fashion, there are not many restrictions on them. You can use them in the morning, afternoon and evening, at dinner parties, weddings or parties.
Fashion consultant ponders, however, the use of cirré leggings on the desktop. According to her, is the only territory in which it is necessary parsimony to wear them.
-There are codes and standards that must be observed [in business]. If it is an environment that permits, ok. Otherwise, I believe the metalized cirré is inappropriate.
Monalisa Malik, Professor of the school of style Fashion Sigbol Fashion, says that during the day it’s best to avoid “total black” and looks very bright at the top.
-How this type of pants already have brightness, it is best to combine it with something simpler.
Who can and who can’t use
The woman’s body type is a frequent question when the subject is the leggings, as TheDressWizard says. But anyone who believes that the fatties are prohibited from wearing them, you’re wrong, as the consultant Mona Lisa.
-The most fat should have some basic care, how to avoid metallic colored leggings, in tones like purple and green. The black, in this case, is the ideal choice.
In addition, there are a number of tricks in time to wear a legging that help you lose weight. Who has hip, for example, should not bet on sweaters with the length above the hip. In this case, Paula Acioli gives tips right for those who are not 100% satisfied with their curves.
-Use the looser dress pants and crisp, a little above the knees. Tights and shoe of the same color also make the silhouette slimmed and elongated.
Mona Lisa style teacher teaches that the women of hips avoid stripes. Invest in accessories is also a good, since they are great to look away the butts and legs.
-Abuse of accessories in the lap, so the attention goes to the top [of the body].

With that use them
The leggings are so versatile that they can build looks completely different. Just watch as the famous the use. At parties and occasions, you can combine them with mini-dresses, jewelry, high-heeled sandals and handbags with gold chains.
In everyday life, a simple dress and a shoe already ensure the visual. Monalisa points some interesting ways to build a visual with them.
It is nice to maxi-regatas legging of lightweight fabrics, knitting sweaters and jackets. As the years 1980 are up, bet on a romantic look, with bata, shoe and accessories. For a modern look, vests, shorts, jackets and boots tailoring shoelace are perfect.
What to put on your feet
The possibilities are many in choosing shoes. Ankle boots, slippers, shoes Oxford model (to tie), high heels and sneakers are allowed. According to Mona Lisa, you just have to be careful with the flats.
Who likes to keep the foot on the floor you can bet on a model Gladiator with studs, for example. If you insist on using one finger sandals, careful time to match it.