Learn How to Make a Retro Hairstyle

The retro style has won increasingly adept, which do not exempt the looks with a classic touch.Besides, of course, the makeup style pin-up and the hairstyles partied there on Vintagematters is wonderful decades. If you also enjoy this inspiration more vintage or you need an idea for a costume party, how about learning how to make a hair full of personality? Check out the Walkthrough:

Before you begin styling Let’s wash the wires usually, using your shampoo and conditioner of regular use. Then, use a towel to remove excess water, then only use a brush or comb to untangle the wires. After leaving the hair completely clear, let’s use a round brush and thick and a warm Jet dryer to brush the wires, leaving them smooth.

step 1

Making a wire brush is much easier handling them and start preparing the hairstyle. The first step is to unravel the root of hair all over the top with a fine-tooth comb. Then comb the remaining part of the back. Remembering that the fringe can be stuck behind, along with the part that was shredded, or can be released, divided in half or to one side.

step 2

The second step is to leave the top of the highest head and hold that part of the hair like a Coke fake and fluffy, using clamps to hold the wires. So, you will have the top of the head, with a cowlick and the fringe. Right now, the hair ends are loose and we have, then, a half-stuck. If you want you can stop there and stay with this look.

step 3

Now, in the third step of the hairstyle, we’re taking the rest of the hair back and in a ponytail. Finally Let’s model the average fixation spray tips, giving a perfect finish.

Ready your retro-inspired hairstyle, perfect for you to go to a party or out of routine, even on a daily basis. See how this hairstyle is easy to do? It is not necessary to use any special accessory, just make the paper clips belt loops and the comb helps to add volume to the hair, which causes the hair to be a success and have your differential.