Learn How to Decorate Silk Paper Pompom

Silk paper pompons add a special touch to any decor. No matter what type of party you are going to organize: tea, wedding or engagement, the pompom looks beautiful and is a cheap and very practical option to be made.

If you are thinking about using the pompoms for your wedding decoration you can use it as a garnish on the altar and other areas of the party place or to fasten the napkins.

At first it takes a little patience to make the pompom, but soon you get the hang of it and will make the biggest success with your decorations.

Here you learn quickly. Check out our tutorial on how to make silk paper pompom to be part of your party decoration:

1 – You will need sheets of tissue paper in the colors you want your pompons. For large pompoms, it will take 8 sheets of tissue paper and, for the small ones, 6 sheets. The pompoms can be of a single color or alternate colors. In the same decoration, you can use different shades of one color only. See below how beautiful it looks:

2 – Lay the sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and fold them up like a fan. Fold to the bottom of the sheets. When you are finished you will have a large strip in hand. Fold this strip in half, leaning one end of the other, and mark the middle. Do this on all strips. While the sheets are folded, use them to round the edges, cutting them as shown below. If you prefer, you can also cut them in V.

3 – Tie a ribbon (if you like, it may be nylon thread or a ribbon) where the medium has been marked and knot. Remember that this ribbon is the one that will be used to hang the pompons in the environment to be decorated, so take into consideration the height you want to avoid seams after ready.

4 – Once tied up, start by separating the sheets of tissue paper on one side like a butterfly wing. Repeat on the other side. Be careful when separating the sheets of tissue paper. As they are very thin and delicate, if you pull them too hard they will tear.

5 – Ready! Your pompom can already be hung!

Still have questions about any of the steps? No problem! Watch a tutorial below and see how simple it is to do: