Latest Fashion Women’s Boots

Light top-boots for women: why not have a? The footwear is timeless, charming, super chic and appreciate even the simplest of visuals. A dress becomes more elegant and fashion with a pair of boots and your basic pants will not be the same with the right model. If you want to invest and start gold prospecting in the shops, we have some suggestions of models to take into consideration when buying.

2016 Boots Collection Models

If you are of the traditional type and loves fashion country, Texas boot is back with everything. Are mid-cut to high, the best country fashion in the urban area. Despite the fans of country music and cowboy style being the greatest lovers of the play, she’s captivating the rest for his work on the pipe. Can have typical patterns of this fad, style graphics, flowers and anything either, just stripes worked into the leather. The slightly high heel leaves the charm of the play even more inviting to use.

After the excess brightness on sets 2016, we have for the new collections of boot 2016 1 little more refinement and neutrality. Metallic accessories along the barrel are always welcome, but in much smaller quantities in other models. Combine very well with pieces in jeans, day or night, and even with slacks if the buckles are discreet. Despite silver being the most discreet, gold is the color of the moment for accessories. Forget the old gold and copper, very present in shoe buckles last year but not on the agenda for now. Brightness is also out, the more neutral and basic is your best shoes.

The strips in boots and purses is a very strong trend for the coming months. Is a ‘revive’ even the sets and many will remember the late 90 when bags with leather strips were a nice style and young. Current parts traditionalism is not to use color in leather shoes, stay with discrete tones and ever present black and Brown.


The rounded tip come back with everything, leaving a little aside the model pointy heel so present in previous collections. The inspiration pumps still stands, with fine and high heels and boots fine tip, but you can choose more basic models and discreet.

2016 Boots Collection Colors

After so much euphoria around the colorful leather, have a brown leather classic rescue as station trend. The basic color is present also in casual clothes, both in its traditional darker version as in the clear and always welcome beige. Boot pipe short, medium or long is also black with everything. Forget a little colored boots.

A new fever well charming for the next months is two-color shoes. Boots with colors Brown and black together are expected to trend the 2016 winter fashion, highlighting the classic black and white, even the White is not so sweet in footwear.