Last Minute: Shorts For The Summer

Of course, the short pants are not suitable for the office, but precisely because of this the border between “casual” and “neglected” is often a problem with shortened dressing. 

The pant is supposed to flatter our proportions and look good at high temperatures. -Short pants from the early 2000s were mostly 3/4 long (over the knee) littered with countless pockets, zippers and tapes. They then had such fancy trend colors as pink or white and today are no longer so “sexy”. -That’s why, as with the other trends of those years – Arschgeweih, Longsleeve under short arm and these terribly faded jeans (you remember?) -off into the garbage or old clothes container, which is unfortunately not possible with the above tattoo Fashion sins!

But now, when the summer is hoping for the end of the season, we are heading for the 2012 trends for all those who have not yet been exposed or simply not enough. What are the shorts in the present in, what is going too far?

First of all, a trend which for the most hopefully nothing new is: short is good, scarce becomes difficult. Of course this is very much on the legs, but for me the following picture is the approximate minimum length.

Shortly then-I hope the comparison fits-but very quickly after Jorge Gonzales from and is also how I find for the fewest leg forms ideal. Strong legs then swell like sausage under the “hotpants” -examples give us the women of this world, unfortunately, unfortunately enough.

But enough drifted, back to you, to us, to men: What are we allowed to wear when the thermometer almost begins to melt? So as I said, too short does not fit into mass. But it is also rather a mistake to counter mass with mass. Shorts, which go over the knees and then are still very large, let the legs work very short and so compress the whole appearance. It is best to see shorts, which are a few centimeters above the knee and whose width is chosen so that they do not squeeze the leg at the lower end, but remains a bit of play.

As far as the physique is concerned, I find (and my boss in the fashion boutique also says that), very short shorts do not look good in dry stork legs, as they leave these still fragile. Again, a healthy mediocre is the best. My tip: Shorts with pleats give a little shape, where possibly garkeine underneath.

In general, mathgeneral will give you for the purchase of shorts now:

-sit down with the fitting, because then the shorts slip a little higher and become shorter, at the same time your thighs by the diffraction broader. Do you still like the shorts? Excellent!

-Also think about what shoes you want to wear to the short predominantly. Low leather shoes with light heel, as you see HERE, make the legs look more beautiful than Espandrilles & Co. basically the same effect as women in high heels.

-Summer means heat is sweat. We are here among men, so I can probably say: In the rear sight, you sweat, just when you sit on plastic seats or similar. For shorts in, for example, light blue, beige or light gray, this can lead to less desirable darkening. I just wanted to say it 😉

So now to the conclusion still a few words to the style of the shorts, regardless of length and form. The selection is currently very large:

Jeans/Cordshorts: either with torn edge or flipped, casual and comfortable as jeans are now. On really hot days but often a bit thick. Our tip: Old jeans, which you do not like yourself cut off, is better than throw away and the length then individually customizable.

Chino shorts: The rather elegant variant, straight with crease. In combination with shirt / jacket also suitable for important occasions.

Linen/Chambrayhorts: Perfect for very hot days because it is loose and light, breathing active and usually also a bit further in the cut. Very cool with a narrow leather belt, braided belt or a knotted hemp rope.

Swimming trunks: Yes, one or the other swim trunks can be worn off the beach, provided it is dry, not too wildly patterned and not a high-tech synthetic part.