Large Window to the Internet

Happy surfing, video telephony, TV clips: UMTS almost screams for a large display. Motorola has answered the call and at the A1000 sacrificed a large screen with the keyboard. We have tested the PDA Smart phone.

The A1000 is truly a real Smart phone: A pen and touch-sensitive display, replace the keyboard. In addition an open operating system that can be extended to elaborate programmes. As the A1000 works with Symbian and the user interface of UIQ, which we know from the Sony Ericsson P910i.

So, for example, with a navigation software the A1000 can be pimp. The A-GPS module necessary for locating is already in the unit. In addition, the A1000 features a megapixel camera, a music player and copes with the popular Office formats such as Word or Excel.

Phone Features: Optimized For UMTS

Vodafone has brought to Germany the A1000. No wonder, but opts for video telephony and TV clips of the operators on the subject of UMTS. Because the PDA-phone is ideal in the program.

UMTS services confirmed the A1000, we know it from other devices. The TV clips of the WAP portal Vodafone live in the test ran around, occasionally minor interruptions. Video telephony worked within the Vodafone network. The jerky picture and small differences between image and sound are so far common.

Camera and music player
The second camera on the back take photos of good images in mega pixels resolution (1,280 x 960 pixels).On the other hand not really convinced the music player. The sound is decent, the big accessory  earphones but not optimal sitting and while listening to music you can use any other functions.

Moreover, one of the biggest weaknesses shows the A1000 is here: the tight computing power. Over four minutes it took to transfer a three minute-long piece via data cable to the A1000.Who will fill the TransFlash card supplied in this way, need lots of patience. Because Vodafone attaches great map generously donated a 128 MByte. Quicker have a SD card reader, the appropriate adapter for the TransFlash card.

The A1000 is features an assisted-GPS (A-GPS) module. The navigation system works not only with the GPS satellite, but also with information from the cellular network. This should speed up the tracking. The service is however not supported yet by Vodafone.

PDA Functions: Not Fully Business Friendly

The Organizer functions will benefit from the large display. The A1000 offers an extensive address book, calendar, task list and a memo function allows you draw small sketches on the display.

The alternative: get all data by synchronizing the computer. But here, the A1000 again urges patience. Over 13 minutes the transmission lasted well 1,000 contacts via the supplied USB cable. Via Bluetooth, it’s been over 16 minutes.
And easily also it did not. The fax numbers landed in the “Country” field. In addition, the A1000 occasionally broke off the synchronization.

Data and messaging
The UMTS reception, is missing, for example, in rural areas the phone automatically reverts to the GPRS network. Instead of theoretical 384 kbit / s are possible only 53.6 kbit/s at the reception. Also this is sufficient for receiving mail from POP3 or IMAP4 accounts. The email client comes with attachments right and with a document viewer, you can open Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.

Practice: Pin Out

As a true PDA phone, the A1000 operation requires both hands. Because you get far without pen, navigation key supports only half-heartedly going through the menus.

The display may be quite large at the resolution have to offer some competitors but more. Instead of 208 x 320 pixels are quite common today on a smaller area of 240 x 320 pixels. Here, the user realizes that the A1000 was already presented in the spring of 2004. BB´s at the endurance is nothing to find fault. Motorola delivers the A1000 with a huge battery, which allowed a continuous talk 6:14 minutes in GSM networks in the test.

Processing and control
The processing of the A1000 is high quality, the 166 grams heavy machinery lies well in the hand. The large battery cover firmly and wobble-free. Practical: If you pull the flush pin out of the housing, the telescope mechanism stretches the input instrument automatically on about nine centimetres length.

Motorola on five different riders has distributed the main functions, which are easy to reach at the top of the display. It keeps quite clearly the different menus. The start screen provides links to the Vodafone WAP services, provides information about messages and upcoming events.

Unfortunately, Motorola has unnecessarily distributed some functions from the menu.To select whether you connect the A1000 via Bluetooth or USB cable to the computer, you must in the depths of the control panel. You start the connection, however, a separate function in the main.

In the acoustic test, the A1000 left a good impression. Noise were hard to hear on the phone. The landline telephone, the A1000 users might sound slightly more present.The integrated handsfree distorted even at full volume not.

Conclusion: Powerful Multimedia Smartphone

So we have imagined always the UMTS devices: A large display on the colorful services of third generation video calls or TV clips really get the best.
The A1000 especially among scores with video telephony, megapixel camera, and a fairly good MP3 player Multimedia features. But if a realBusiness phone needs, will not necessarily happy with this Smartphone. An interesting application is the A-GPS module, we could test due to the lack of support by the network but not really sure.

That in a Smartphone with touch screen the Operation naturally something complicated fails, as in a traditional cell phone with many controls, is acceptable.What really bothers is the only computing power of the A1000. That is really too flimsy for a device that will cost €900 at Vodafone without a contract.

Anyone looking for a real Smartphone is certainly better served by Vodafone VPA III. Windows Smartphone with even bigger display and a full keyboard is fast and reliable. Instead of UMTS support, the PDA-phone offers a fast Internet connection via wireless LAN.