Lapis Jewelry In Vintage Style

What makes you think the color of the deep sea?

To me the lapis lazuli stone from deep blue color! It also says the name: lapisin Latin means “stone” and “lazuli ” blue “.

The stone lapis

Lapis lazuli, known as lapis, is one of the oldest gemstones. Upper back to the 5th Millennium BC. Do you think jewellery with lapis Egyptian pharaonic tombs were found. And I told her everything.

Lapis is a rock composed of different minerals: lazurite, pyrite-the Golden flakes-and calcite, grey shadows..

If you believe that this is a retro stone, you are mistaken. Is eternal.

Jewellery with lapis

And fashionable. Fashion houses like Bulgari, Pomellato, and Tiffany have used the lapis to realize some of their models.

It’s no doubt: a beautiful jewel by lapis can not miss in your drawer this summer. Made with Gold yellow, white or silver I’d say it’s a must!

Lapis is a beautiful stone to use on different shades of blue-light blue, both in contrast.I would add that it is inevitable in this Summer 2013 that focuses on bright colors, I decided. Electric. Gucci docet!

Do not think you will keep in a drawer in your jewellery with lapis once closed the umbrella: is a stone that you can wear it in the winter, to give a touch of color to your look. The necklace of lapis has become 4 seasons, or as they say in a continuous!

You may have noticed that blue is back so fashionable in recent celebrex years. During theFashion Week in Milan, Giorgio Armani presented his collection fall-winter 2013/2014.Guess what? The parade was marked by the master of the blue, in his view the color of elegance. Can you blame him.

Do you think that in antiquity the lapis was considered a piece of sky that the gods had given to men. And, indeed, Kings and Queens used this stone to create talismans that allontanessero bad luck. In short, a stone that is a guarantee!

Some valuable ideas with lapis

For lovers of earrings, lapis is a perfect stone for hanging models. Wonderful even when combined with other stones: pearls, quartz, turquoise, coral. The list is long. My earrings are with pencil and Blue Topaz, combination very chic and I use them not only in the summer.

If you are looking for a gift for a man I have a treat for you: twins with lapis, very elegant.

Needless to remind you to make you issue a certificate attesting the nature and quality of pencils you buy. Just to avoid rifilino some vulgar imitation, or artificial stone obtained through a chemical process.

Trivia about lapis

A curiosity: the Sumerians were advising at married women wear the lapis to guarantee the fidelity of your spouse. Throughout his life, as the old optimism.

A question arises: and men what they were wearing to insure against infidelity of their wives?