Lamp Economic Formats Most Commonly Used in Homes

There are compact fluorescent bulbs in all shapes and tastes, there’s no denying the versatility of models. So, today we will highlight here on the blog a few differences as regards the shape of the lamp, either for aesthetics, be it for technical aspects. It’s happened to the chandelier be so beautiful but the lamp stay on display and ruin everything?

Sometimes we choose the first one that comes to mind, but there’s a big difference in them when it comes to design.

The more traditional model of compact fluorescent lamp in homes is 3U. She distributes the light similarly to incandescent bulbs. Still, the spiral -shaped models distribute light better, besides having a beautiful design, more suitable for some types of chandeliers, lamps and light fixtures, taking into account, of course, the environment, not to stay with the shadows (shadow).

There are two smaller models that replace the incandescent low power and are ideal for lighting fixtures that do not need to have very strong light, because it could harm the view. So are best in lamps and in some types of wall sconces. The mini spiral is recommended for lamps, because it is tiny and is hidden, as well as distribute the light as well as the normal compact. The compact 2U has the smallest diameter. These models do not replace the spiral or the traditional 3U.

The tubular fluorescent circular and only differ in the type of lamp used at, since it’s more decorative circular, recommended for luminaires with rounded design. The T5 tube are more efficient (more light and less consumption) than the T8 and T10 (oldest), but the base of them apart (the T5 uses base G5, the others use G13) and the diameter as well, since the T5 has 17 mm, 28 mm and has T8 T10 has a diameter ranging from 32 to 34.1 mm.

For those who still can’t conceive a lamp that does not have the shape of an incandescent, know that there are fluorescent models on the market that meet this design. The globe illuminates with the same efficiency that a compact traditional bulb.

Check the gallery below the format of each model: