Lace Blouses:60 Inspirations of How to Wear!

The lace is a fabric well known for its features that bring delicacy, femininity and at the same time have sexy features. The transparency and beauty of the fabric yield many beautiful pieces for fashion, and some of them are the lace blouses.

The top part of the look can have several models and styles, and this does not depend exclusively on the design of the blouse, but also on the style and type of lace.And if you need inspiration to choose the right model to produce a trendy look and fashion trends, just keep an eye on the tips of the post!


Guipir lace top

No matter by which name – guipure, guipir or gripir – you know this type of fabric. The various denominations refer to the same style, an embroidered lace embroidered in silk or linen and which form arabesque designs throughout the piece.

The material known for its beauty differs from the traditional versions and the development of embroidery further enhances the beauty of the blouse.

Long sleeve

The lace on the long sleeve blouse is a great choice to enhance the fabric.Because of the transparency characteristic of the income, the body part can have lining and leave the arms part without this second layer, thus valuing the detail of the tissue that lies directly on the skin.

In addition, the long sleeve still balances the style of the piece, especially if the transparency is part of the body region. So, the sleeves leave the look between a balance of sexy and behaved.


For those who want to invest in an income blouse to have as a look option, you must consider the color of the piece.If you want to produce a visual color block you can bet on a more striking piece of tone, but if the intention is to have a joker clothing and fit different looks, it is worth betting on neutral colors.


Are you going to cast off your first lace blouse and do not know which color to buy? Bet on the white.

The white lace is no longer a brides exclusive feature, on the contrary, it has become a chic and elegant fabric to enhance any look.

The piece goes well from the look of the day to day, even in the most tidy look for the work look .But in the latter case, we must consider transparency that should not be excessive.


For those who want to produce a more radiant look, a cheerful bet is the yellow blouse .The hue can range from the yellow egg, to the more light and soft nuance.

To adopt the yellow lace top in the look, it is worth investing in the combination with neutral pieces, like a shorts jeans destroyed for a mix between tidy and stripped;Or in a more daring composition with a patterned piece, such as an animal print skirt.

And if you are brunette, bet on the yellow to highlight your hair color and skin tone. But blondes can also use color, but with a certain caution in choosing the tone to not leave everything much the same .


Do you know those joking pieces in the closet that work in many different ways?This is how black lace blouses are characterized.

The neutral color blends in with any other color, and can be an option for both the look of the day and for the party and nightly versions.And if the event is at night and allow, transparency is a great ally of the blouse.


If you bought a color without thinking about the rest of the clothes you already had in the closet, and now you can not think of a good combination, let’s get some tips.

  • Combine with neutral pieces – jeans shorts, solid tights, or black leather.
  • Bet on a daring look with a print that has the same color as the blouse or with something innovative like the combination with a leopard print or other animal print.

How to wear: Looks

Who has never surrendered to a fad of impulsiveness? Oh, do not be afraid to assume that you went in a shop window, saw some lace sweaters, bought one and now do not know how to use.

I’ve done and done a lot of crazy shopping, but in the end it always works out.Of course with a little help here and another there, things get easier and the production of the look is more accurate.

So if you want to learn how to wear lace blouses in the visual and take the piece out of the closet, let’s go to the amazing combinations that this piece allows you to create.

With pants

Do you remember this model of the famous guipir lace blouses that have long been a trend? Do not abandon her! Despite the transparency and the piece is not the warmest, you can take advantage of the model to compose a fall look. The combination of the piece with a vest of hair , already creates a well differentiated look and values ​​the look of days fresquinhos.

If you need a tidy look inspiration for the day, that inspiration is perfect. The white lace top with short sleeves and turtleneck is super current and has been combined with a darker colored flare pants , which enhances the white lace and leaves the look modern and beautiful.

Want a clean and modern look? Bet on the combination of models of lace blouses with destroyed pants. The most delicate fabric combined with torn pants is a perfect mix of styles. And for the feet, it goes from scarpin with thin heel, to a sneaker to make the look comfortable.

With skirt

Surrender to income! Although the joke is silly, girls and women of this universe, let us be carried away by this fashion. Here the look proves that the piece is wild. The lace top was worn in a midi skirt and the result was a perfect match for a formal event but with a modern look.

You know that neat look for day to day? To create this look, you can be inspired by this combination of fit and flare pet print black and white print skirt . And to maintain harmony in the rest of the look, the bet was for a white lace with transparency and used with top, and feet black and white sneaker.

If you want to wear a pencil skirt, but without creating a full-body look, you can be inspired by that look and use a cropped fit. The bet among the models of lace blouses was ideal to create the balance between skirt and top, thus maintaining the feminine look, but without totally marking the body.

With shorts

Who said that shorts are just for the stripped look ? On the contrary, the piece can be a great inspiration for a tidy look and this will depend on the choice for the composition of the look. Here the proposal was to wear a black and white printed shorts and among the models of lace blouses, the choice was for a white piece with loose manga sleeve.

The type of income can also value and much the visual. In this proposal of look, the choice was for the renaissance income for the cropped. The composition of the rest of the visual bet on a mix with white shorts and details in lace, thus maintaining the harmonic combination.

If you want to make your look younger and relaxed, bet on the combination of lace blouses with short jeans. The idea of ​​this look was to wear shorts shorter and destroyed style, like a lace top with shoulder-to-shoulder neckline. The result was delicate and fresh to use on a daily basis.

How to make/customize lace blouses – step by step

If you are a skilful type and love to get involved with DIY projects, you can take advantage of the tutorials to develop a unique model among the most varied options of income blouses.

Now that you know how to assemble looks with lace blouses you can invest in the piece or even rescue that forgotten sweater at the bottom of the closet to produce a modern look and style.