Knitting Tips for Knitting, Wool and Cashmere

The cold has arrived and the time to put our delicious knits of wool, cashmere and knitwear out of the closet. Check out some precious tips on how to wash your knit sweaters and keep them brand new for much longer! I just found out why my knits did not last for long …:( Now I’ll follow the tips below!

On the machine:Use specific sacks to wash delicate clothes (with zipper closure). You find these bags in the supermarket, Tok Stok). Put the inside piece inside the bag, close the zipper and put it in the washing machine for delicate clothes.Wool fabrics can only be washed with neutral detergent, the powdered soap shrinks and hardens the wool, in the same way as drying in a dryer or heat source.

Important:The piece should be very tight in the bag.If it is too large for your clothing, give a small knot to reduce size so as not to allow it to spin at the time of spinning.

In the tank:This is the best way to wash your delicate clothes and knit knitwear. Leave to soak with water and coconut soap. (liquid or stick) Rub gently and gently to avoid forming unwanted balls. Rinse and soak again with softener.Do not twist, just squeeze out excess water and do not deform the mesh.

In both cases, to dry, place the stretched piece horizontally as close to its original shape as possible, without any stretches or stretches that do not exist, on top of a colorless, non-colorless towel (white and used?) and away from the sun.

Do not hang on the clothesline vertically because the weight when wet can deform the part.

Be careful of the pieces of different colors.Observe well if your mesh does not release paint, preventing it from staining other parts.

Never hang wet tricot or store it in hangers inside the closet as it damages the modeling.Store folded in drawers or shelves.