Justin Bieber Turns Shortener URLs [Updated]

It is success among the girls who read the magazine Capricho. He’s hit among teens who watch Nickelodeon. He is hit with boys who need an inspiration to cut the locks. And Justin Bieber is now success as shortener URLs. Yes, you may already have a shortener address with the face of Bieber.

As? Entering the Bieber.ly.

The new shortener of the global internet address does not present anything new except the smiling reception made by Justin Bieber. After entering the page address to be shortened, the service performs the operation masterfully: makes the URL becomes little.

Take the test for yourself. Access Bieber.ly and enter a URL. Then wait for the address to be shortened, so you see how the smaller version of the URL is displayed. I just have no words to describe!

Justin Bieber was wanted by the report, but did not open his mouth when asked to comment on the release of Bieber.ly. A feather.

Update at 18:00 | “Aw, it was good while it lasted.” This is the phrase that is now emblazoned on the cover of shortener. He no longer shortens sites. According to the profile on Twitter some of their creators, they feared a process by the Canadian singer and perhaps this was the reason they have taken the site down. Feather. (Thanks for the warning, @_meela!)