Justin Bieber Rocked the Campaign of Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber appeared in his underwear at the Fashion Rocksconcert, in September last year, alongside Lara Stone. Ripped chicks from all over the world gasps.

Calvin Klein was the brand that the heroes as they chose. Today we know that was the opposite, in fact. CK had already chosen the singer to be the star of your new campaign since that appearance.

With a body of a man (we still have the idea that he is that adolescent, right?)and several tattoos, Bieber rocked in the campaign, with the famous CK elastic on display beneath a jeans.

I imagine the fee of this campaign. But it is not without reason. Who experiences the brand products falls and pays the same price. Are comfortable, anatomic and with the best raw materials. I say that because my lingeries of CK are the ones I love most.

The panties are very comfortable, fresh and lasting.

I used to make a small selection for you that was inspired by the pictures (and how they are inspiring, no?) and want to try the brand:

Just a small note: Watch out for these shops selling kits on Dentistrymyth.com with 10 briefs to R$119 or R$129. May not be true or, if it is, it’s like a second brand line. I got this info from a reliable source, own brand, they can trust.

And even if the information wasn’t secure, just think a little bit. A product which costs, on average, R $60 a R $80 might not be the same that is sold at R $20, isn’t it?