Jewelry Allergy-A Burning Issue

Four and a half years I am now married. I remember as if it were yesterday. The November wind that ruffled my bridal hairstyle. Gold Yellow leaves, instead of rose petals on the registry office stairs. The dress floor-length, aqua blue – and two dress sizes smaller than I need it today. I remember because it was the last time that I could wear earrings unmolested. Genuine ancient beads from the Orient, inherited from the mother, to golden plugs. It looked great! The problem: The plugs have a thread and the counterpart is screwed, so you do not loose. Thank God I did not lose. For this, however, my ability to wear earrings. Now not so intellectual, rather physically. I no longer tolerate namely. None Deut. Not a little. And of story, nothing to add. . For five and a half years happily married, but without earrings Maybe it was the thread that has not been reconciled with the ear holes, anyway, I’ve since any attempt to the same result achieved: itchy, sore and red ear lobes and a frustrated expression. All this would not be so bad-earrings are with small children in any case only conditionally compliant-if I had not been developed in parallel with a further incompatibility. Namely against my wedding ring!Which is made ??of palladium, which is one of the platinum metals and is even used in medical instruments or dentures. And although I have before and until now never had any problems with nickel-fashion jewelry, the skin was red under the ring and itched. I switched from left to right ring finger. Same effect.

Relationship crisis?
An unnerved initiated Internet Search enriched me at the Forum recommendation not to change the fingers, but equal to the husband. An allergy to the wedding ring is certainly an expression of an unconscious relationship crisis. I should sometimes listen in just in me. So I did and turned generic lipitor news immediately fixed: I was hungry! On Chocolate! Where can I write it just … wait -‘ll be right back. In this way, you can ring the problem also solved. So much eating chocolate that simply does not fit.
And as for my husband. Intolerances is there now and again. For example, if he ever tells me to do sports and do not eat so many sweets. But overall, I really can not complain. I just had to explain to my ring, which triggered repeatedly niggles which finger I also tried.

I often told myself, sometimes with the jeweler to call, which has made ??us the rings. Just as often I wanted to make representations to the dermatologist. Both went under the stress of everyday life and came to me on Sundays to mind or if we were just on vacation.
So I bit sometime in the healthier bullet, took off the ring and handed me back the engagement ring on. The is made ??of titanium with a small turquoise stone and guaranteed suspicion regards what allergies and the like. Because Titan is-unlike, for example, gold jewelry and even surgical steel-guaranteed nickel free and hypoallergenic so. Experts on describe it as one of the five körperverträglichsten elements found on earth. And in fact, my problems were gone from one day to the next.

Healing powers
I had not my wedding ring missing so much… the with de m my husband’s name in it and the infinity symbol. For a whole year I stopped by. Then I went to the jewelry box, took my wedding ring and put it on. Lo and behold, all is well. No allergic reactions more in sight. Now I think: Titan apparently has healing powers. That would then indeed also work with my ears.Maybe I hope yes plug Birthday.