Items that Every Woman Should Have in the Bag

There are many myths and stories about women’s handbags, which leads some people to make jokes or jokes about the fact that one can find almost anything in a woman’s purse, however, one has to admit that in fact some items are essential to life, and helps prevent some embarrassing situations, allowing still always be well lit.

Despite the need that every woman has to carry some items, some end up actually exaggerating and charging more than the substance, causing

uncomfortable and unnecessary damage, so listing following what are the essential items to any women, noting that any item that is not on this list, should be assessed with calm before deciding to include it in the bag.

Items that every woman should have in the bag

Personal documents and other

Never leave home without any papers, after all, no one is free to go through some accident, and without some kind of identification will be difficult to be in hospitals and contact relatives.

When driving a vehicle, always keep to the documentation of the car and your driver’s license to avoid fines, a valid tip to save space is that the RG can be replaced by a driver’s license.

Cell phone

The cell phone is an essential device for any person, in addition to keeping in touch with friends and family, gives also the possibility of immediate contact with defense as police and firefighters, SAMU. Another thing you should never forget to leave family or spouse as first contact in your address book, this will be particularly useful in case of theft or accident.

Small umbrella

The little umbrella, those who bend can save you from getting stuck waiting for the rain to pass, or to burn in the Sun.

Remedies for pain, nausea and menstrual cramps

No need to load a pharmacy, but it is important to carry a prescription painkiller that can be used for muscle pain and head, one for motion sickness and another for colic, because you never know when you might need one of them.

Intimate absorber

Even if you take a pill to regulate the menstrual cycle, or that it is regular of course it’s always good to have a intimate absorber, you never know when your organism will resolve to send you a little surprise, it never hurts to be prepared.


As I said no one is free of injuries for children who are the possibilities, so it is always good to have dressing in order to keep the wound clean, be it a minor fall caused by a grating or even an injury of a tight shoes.

Small package with tissue paper

It is common in everyday life some essence or even the dust you cause allergy, tissues may be useful at this time, they also serve to clean sweat, makeup or even replace toilet paper in public restrooms.


Nothing more unpleasant that this close to a person who smells like sweat, so always keep a deodorant in the bag, in case you forget to leave the House, or feel the need during the day.

Nail file

It is inevitable that in the rush of everyday life the nail break or chip a piece.聽The nail file in addition to save you right now, let him always with impeccable nails in moments of spare time.

Sunscreen and moisturizer

The ideal is to have the two products in a single package, because it saves space and keeps you protected from the Sun and a dry skin.

Powder, lipstick, blush and shadow

Never leave this Quartet out of your bag, as this may have the need to freshen up or even be invited to a commitment for which won’t have time to go home produce.


Load a smaller bottle containing your perfume is great to keep you fragrant all day, because some scents lose their smell or get weaker over time.