It Controls What Happens on Your Android with Process Monitor

On Android, there are a lot of applications of monitoring of everything that happens in our device. Whether it is data, such as for example 3G Watchdog traffic, or the use of the memory, processor, etc. Variety is the Spice no doubt.

But within that variety it sometimes hard to find applications that are really worth the penalty. In it comes to monitoring memory and processor Process Monitor possibly one of the most interesting applications and with more options that are in the Android Market.

At a glance Process Monitor It could be the typical app to kill processes and that it gives you two or three data from your Android device, but appearances are deceptive. Possibly one of the most complete applications and with more options customisation of its genre.

Process Monitor offers us a detailed guide to everything that happens in our Android. From a list of processes where mark us how much to consume each application, according to different scales such as memory, cycles, etc. To other values such as the consumption of units of storage lipitor generic united healthcare space.

In addition also offers the possibility of killing processes. Option that personally just seems to me useful if you are using Android Eclair 2.1 or lower. Because from Android Froyo 2.2 system very well managed processes, and these applications become quite useless.

One of the most interesting options of Process Monitor It is able to record everything that happens on our Android at the level of processes and then view it from a graph. If any notes to your smartphone or tablet is a little slow maybe it would be good to try this app and see exactly where more is spent.

Another one of his great strengths are the possibilities for customize the various monitoring processes and the widgets that we can put hand shortcuts on desktops to know the status of the memory, processor, etc..

Personally Process Monitor I think one of the applications is highly recommended for those who want to control what happens on your Android. In addition, the application is totally free so there is no excuse to not test it.