Is Which Better Iphone 6 Plus?

The iPhone 6 plus is not only bigger than the iPhone 6, but also three crucial components in the advantage. But Apple’s Phablet is therefore the better iPhone?

In the past, Apple has presented only a new iPhone and made its predecessor the favorable alternative. Last year, there was a double first though, but the iPhone 5c was still the clearly weaker unit with older processor with plastic housing. But this time Apple not so makes easy its buyers with two top smart phones the decision. The iPhone 6 plus is considered as premium model, but the iPhone 6 is almost just as well equipped and has the better ground for many users. Why should you spend more plus 100 euro for that?

After #Bentgate has resolved more or less in its hot air, you can design of the iPhone 6 plus look at again with relaxed eyes via Sure, the Phablet is perhaps not quite as stable as other smart phones, but it is absolutely suitable for everyday use. And it looks even better than the iPhone 6. That plus is a Mordstrumm, but because it is so flat, it acts almost already delicate-what is actually no suitable adjective for a Phablet.

Too Big For Little Hands

The thin thing feels even class and when the hands are big, the 179 grams light unit can be also very pleasant to hold. Graceful built people struggling but their love, achieving the side buttons with index finger or thumb, without the iPhone 6 plus to attack that in turn gets the home button out of reach. If they do not always operate the device with two hands, it lubricates off inevitable sometime, because the round aluminium case is not so easy to grip such as with the boxy predecessors.

The Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is something kürtzer than the iPhone 6 plus, but has a larger display.

Convenience is not the strength of the iPhone 6 also generally plus. Apple makes the one hand operation by being able to pull the screen down with two mistake on the home button though. But more than a stop-gap solution is not.What the heck? To criticize the inconvenient one hand operation, a Phablet is absurd. Even if such a device consists almost only of display, the thumb will reach not the remote corners.

The discussion whether the iPhone 6 is not quite so nonsensical plus still fits easily in your pocket. The case, Apple has still many savings – especially on the sides. But because it is relatively narrow and very flat, it is still surprisingly loose. The pants are too tight, the Phablet not in the tight airplane seat tweaks. Without standing up or strange contortions to make one no longer finds out it.

The Best LCD, But Not The Number 1

When comparing the two Apple smartphones, it’s not only on the size. The iPhone 6 has been a great IPS display, plus but a fantastic. 404 PPI high pixel density, total, it provides a better picture with finer details. It shines above all with its impressive brightness, rich contrast and a very large color fidelity. Even at extreme angles, not darken the display and remains clear.Also a test of the specialists from “DisplayMate” has confirmed that certify the iPhone 6 plus the best LCD, which they previously had in the laboratory. Only the Super-AMOLED screen of Samsung Galaxy section note 4 especially with improved color performance slightly better than the iPhone 6-plus-display.

The cameras of the iPhones are identical except for one important detail: the iPhone 6 plus has an optical image stabilizer. In most situations, the speed of the camera out enough to make exceptionally good Smartphone photos and videos. When it gets dark, objects or photographer in motion, this plays iPhone 6 plus but its strengths and can not only his brother, but almost the entire competition look pretty pale. The re-camera of the iPhone 6 plus is sure one of the best, if not even the best of all top smartphones.

Finally Battery Worry No More

An even bigger argument for this iPhone 6 plus is its battery, which has a capacity of 2915 mah. Although there are smart phones like the Sony Xperia Z3 or the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, which hang on even longer. The Apple Phablet is a sensation but almost equally enduring and for users who had previously only iPhones. In the test, the battery in normal operation, nor under greater stress in the course was to push below 20 percent a day. In the laboratory test of “Tom’s Guide” that has dropped iPhone 6 plus even Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Galaxy to note 3 at run time. The S5 beats while at “PhoneArena” plus to an hour, but also leave the note 3 significantly behind Apple’s Phablet and reflected for an iPhone more than wacker.

The iPhone 6 plus is actually the better iPhone, especially display and battery give a discernible edge him before the iPhone 6. This plays a role that also really want to have a Phablet but only for people. Who is considering to buy the big one just because its better specifications, better should access to the smaller iPhone that is almost as good.Actually not even seen the display differences visually in direct comparison and the battery life of the smaller unit is still good.