iPhone 6s: First Tests Certify Very Good Camera Performance

The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s plus Apple have bought a better camera get: for the first time are also in a position to film at 4 K and store short film sequences with each geknipsten image. But that’s not all long ago: first tests now show that the quality of the recordings when compared to its predecessors iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is increased significantly.

Especially the goodness of the Selfis should be increased thanks to the new 5 MP front cameras in addition to retina Flash as MobileSyrup demonstrated in a test. Because the iPhone 6s has no Flash on the front, the device uses the screen just for the illumination of the scene. Also if this works quite well, the colors worked this way naturally slightly cooler.

Picture Quality Almost Like In SLR Cameras

The iPhone 6s takes pictures in high resolution and largely unadulterated on observing time. Other smartphones try photos already in the recording by using the image medicament lipitor 20 mg processor aufzuhübschen why colors sometimes already without manual editing slightly knalliger look.

Also, the faster operational capacity like the testers: so there’s hardly any delays at the snapping photos, what is especially for snapshots. The Auditors make out also a feature that only the iPhone plus features 6 s,: an optical image stabilizer prevents Verwackler photos and ensures gentle panning for video recordings. Plus, the image stabilizer only with single shots to turned on iPhone in the model 6. He lacks all iPhone models 6 and iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s First Tests Certify Very Good Camera Performance

All in all scores the camera of the new iPhone 6 seems not only with more mega pixels, 4K-Videoaufnahmen and live photos, but like with faster processing and good recording quality – especially when Selfies. From September 25th, you can convince you yourself of the quality of the cameras if the release of the iPhone iPhone 6s and 6 plus.