Iphone 5: Golden Generation

Conclusion: The iPhone 5S shows in the test that it is more than a warm infusion of the iPhone 5 to battery life and camera have improved considerably the predecessor, processing and performance are at the top level.

Iphone 5S In The Test: Apple Remains Faithful To Model Policy

In comparison to the iPhone 5 waiting for the S version only with modified interior. Weight, dimensions and the high quality of workmanship are the same. Only the appearance of the home button has changed, but more on that later. The iPhone 5S are there in silver, black and gold. In the test, we check the Golden version which is less decadent acts as feared.

The handling is easy because the metal cell phone can be easily operated with one hand. On the bottom we find the lightning connection which limits the range of accessories on Apple’s proprietary and licensed by Apple products. Even when the memory options as before remains: 16, 32|blank) $,.

Iphone 5: Top Display, More LTE

The 5s offers a screen size of 4 inches. The LCD resolves with 1,136 x 640 pixels and reached a brightness of 516 candela/m², the checkerboard contrast is located at 154-1. The brightness is very high and good contrast. The iPhone display has a high contrast and color stability at shallow angles. At the representable color space there is however beaten the AMOLED displays of the competition. LTE is again on board, with the support of 4G-Frequenzen ultimate has been done however. The iPhone 5S supports now all German bands and not just the 1.800er frequency of Telekom.

Apple Iphone 5S: A7 And M7-Equipped For The Future

The chip called A7 in the iPhone 5S ARMs v8 architecture and bars comes with two cores, with up to 1.3 GHz. In addition the co-processor known as M7.His task will be constantly monitoring accelerometer, gyroscope and compass and to evaluate the data, to relieve the CPU and to forward the information directly to fitness apps. The special feature of the A7: He is the first 64-bit system ARM-based and can directly address RAM above 4 GB. This brings Apple iPhone 5 S from computerannals.com with probably 1 GByte of RAM no direct benefits, but the doubling of the available registers. With higher clock speed, better GPU and the 64-bit architecture, Apple’s is equipped 5 S in any case for the future. In the present, we have an iPhone before us, that shows 7 no performance problems in testing with iOS.The benchmark tests performed by us as the 3D mark and the Geekbench is 5s in the absolute top League.

Iphone 5S: Isight-Camera Made More Transparent

Apple’s iSight camera continues to take photos with 8 mega pixels, the sensor surface and thus the size of a single pixel of the sensor is grown. The photo light works with two different colored LEDs and to adapt to the ambient brightness and color temperature as the “flash light”. In the test, this feature was no massive improvement, but actually somewhat more natural-looking Flash photos. Also can the iPhone cam composed one of four images, take 10 pictures per second and create a large panoramic shot 28 megapixels. The volume down key on the housing frame serves as a trigger.

Our Test images show that Apple’s optimization work are successful. The camera take photos of sharp images, offers an ordinary white balance and a bright Flash. The focusing using the photo light when total darkness works properly. With its predecessor, shots in the dark have always been a matter of luck. Pictures in low light without Flash, however, see less. The camcorder filming either in full HD or create slow motion footage in HD at 120 frames per second. Depending on a You will find sample video here to download.

Iphone 5: Ios 7-Modern Design, Modern Functions

The main reason that the iPhone 5 S seems so new, is the operating system iOS 7 iOS looks different with this version for the first time and grabs some new on it in terms of functionality. You can from above and below in the display buttons with shortcuts, messages, and calendar entries and have by double clicking the home button access to a clear and functional Task Manager.The new OS allows true multitasking, all open apps may update in the background. The Safari browser has been updated, loads pages fast and offers a good overview of the tab. Siri also gets a new graphic layout, advanced functions, and a new voice. The small keyboard, the typos are pre-programmed is still annoying. Apple unfortunately does not allow alternative keyboards.

iOS 7 is an operating system that is not directly say to Apple Gewohnheitstieren due to the radical changes. The new design, as well as the additional OS features – if also partly well copied–were still overdue. Apple is in our view an important step: the new iOS is a necessary major update.

Iphone 5S: Touch ID Is Useful Innovation

The Apple iPhone 5S is not the first Smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, but the first with a really usable. The scanner sits on the home button, whose top coating is scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal. It is enclosed by a steel ring and throws up 500 points per inch. You can scan multiple prints, was with us in the test not closing after four different fingers always still. About half a minute it takes to the iPhone 5S for the first time captured a fingerprint. The feature is enabled, the iPhone via fingerprint can unlock. That goes so fast that you usually don’t get the LockScreen when you enable the display to face. The print is also used to authenticate purchases via iTunes. You must no longer enter a password in the case. Unlocking via fingerprint is enabled, you can unlock the device always by code-so to speak as a security measure for the safety measure. Also enabled you can start Siri of the LockScreen off to the factory defaults. For sufficient security, you should disable this exception by Siri. According to Apple, not the fingerprint itself, but only a hash value derived from it is stored. It is encrypted and is stored locally in a protected memory area of the A7 processor. Who does not believe that Apple or even simply just basically has a problem with its biometric data to entrust to the iPhone, can keep it without negative consequences. The bottom line, the unlock via fingerprint is easy and comfortable, but traceable concern for conscious. While the corks popping at the finger scanner friends so, embarrassed silence reigns in the NFC camp: the 5 S close radio technology does not support.

Iphone 5S: Better At The Basics

The iPhone 5S achieves a still solid value with 6:45 hours. The loading time of 2:10 hours we like but much better

Iphone 5S: Alternative

After our revised test procedure currently only the successor, theiPhone SE, in question-if you put on a compact iPhone… The new version delivers in the Test a good idea and greatly benefited from the snappy Apple processor, the bright display and the good battery power.