Introducing Our Second Bedding Collection In Privalia

Happiness is little. Today we are launching our second collection of bedding, and as we did with the first, the Privalia portal will be responsible for presenting it with all the high, with a super launch offer only for a limited time. I am delighted because that means that you can have your set of bed Charuca at a divine price.

We already have experience with our first promotion in Privalia and we know your FAQs, so I have prepared this post to solve all your doubts.

When I buy at Privalia I am buying the Charuca Shop?

No, you are buying a Charuca product at an authorized point of sale, which means that you buy directly from the Privalia store, so neither payments nor shipments are managed by the Charuca team.

Where can I find the Charuca collection in Privalia?

You can access the collection by going to our site In the HOME & DECOR section you will see the brand Charuca.

How long does the campaign last?

The campaign will be active from Tuesday 10 November to Sunday 15 November.

When will I recive my order?

Estimated delivery dates are December 13-23.

Do you make the shipments of our purchases in Privalia?

No. Orders for purchases made on leave the Privalia stores. If you have any question you have to contact your customer service department.

Can Privalia send my order before that date?

I’m afraid not, since all shipments are made through Privalia and directly from their warehouses on the dates they have previously scheduled.

Will my shipment arrive as the Charuca Shop arrive?

Again, when leaving from the warehouses of Privalia, the materials of shipment are the ones that they have prepared for their shipments.

What do I have to do if my order has been sent wrong?

Since you have made the purchase to Privalia, you have to contact your customer service department to resolve the issue.

What bed measures are there?

There are sets of bed linen Charuca for beds of 90cm, 105cm, 135cm, 150cm and 180cm wide.

If my bed has another measure, can I use your bedding equally?

The truth is that it is a question that depends on you, as is logical if you use a duvet cover a little larger than the fill, you will have a bit of empty Nordic on the sides. If that is not inconvenient for you, then why not? Other clients fixed it and left it to the measure of their beds, with the surplus some things have become of the most interesting!

What is the composition of the tissue?

The fabric is 100% cotton.

The model that I wish deeply has been exhausted Will they replace it again?

Sometimes there are people who return their purchase and return to stock of exhausted models, be attentive to the page of the promotion, perhaps lucky!

I do not see the cushions in the photo of the duvet cover Are they included?

The cushions are sold separately, you can buy them here. In beds of 1.50 and 1.80 the set consists of three pieces, the duvet cover and two white pillowcases. In beds of 90, 105 and 135 the set consists of two pieces, the duvet cover and a white pillowcase.

Why do I see two models of cushion and just let me select one to buy it?

You are actually seeing the same cushion, which is printed on both sides. This way you can buy two cushions in one

Are the cushions stamped on both sides?

Yes! You can see the two images in the photos on the product sheet

Do you have a model with a double pillowcase?

We do not have double pillow cases, but you can put a pillow case of a smooth color and you will combine wonderfully

If I change my mind I can make a return?

Of course, but remember that you have to make the return through Privalia at any time. I leave you a link so you can contact your customer service center.

Will you have the new bedding sets on sale at your online store, our site

We already have bedding from the first collection in our online store, but with the usual price (no Privalia promotional offer) We will have the second collection in the second week of December.