Interbike 2014-Electric Bike Note 10

20 “Rim Besv Electric

The invaded world and electric Interbike met several models with different proposals, but a bike that caught a lot of our attention was the Panther PS1 the BESV Taiwanese.

The design was the first point to surprise us, so we approach to meet and we were greeted with much attention on the part of the owners of the company, who explained in detail your project.

According to, most electric bicycles are designed for urban mobility, relatively small paths, and bicycles 26 “rim with batteries and big cubes turn around of 70 miles (about 112Km) with your electric charge, but the bikes weigh between 25 and 30 Kg. 20 “hoop of the Besv 30 miles wheel with your battery light, about 30 miles, but weighs only 16, 9 kg, making it too easy access by stairs or places where it is necessary to load it.

A complete recharge of the battery takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the stability of the power grid, and your engine in the rear hub is 250 Watts, making the Panther hit 27, 3 km/h.


The bike is very well designed and functional, the carbon fiber frame in the shape of a “Y” has two suspensions, the lead is a Suntour with pre load adjustment, 40 mm, the rear is of type air/oil cartridge, brand A5, RR1 model Exa Form, unknown to us. Completing the rear suspension, the arms of the frame are elastic estrudados hexagonal aluminum, anodized black, and the Exchange cable and hydraulic brake hose, are protected in your interior.

In front, the long advance of aro 20 urban is present, but is elegant, sustaining a handlebar with about half an inch high equipped with ergonomic knobs.

The control unit and data tracking (a kind of computer) has fine design and similar to a mobile device, and is accessed by the Panel of the left side of the handlebars. It is possible to read data like speed, medium-sized battery consumption and performance mode chosen. Oh, and remember that you can connect it to your phone through bluetooth and use an app that shows all the information of the bike on your smartphone.

Tektro hydraulic brakes are model Auriga, and your gear shift is the Rapid Fire Shimano 7×1 speed.

The painting and decorating are sober, details in black and white, that depending on the light, reveal the traditional carbon fiber grids. The battery is compact and packed in a carbon and can be charged or connected to bike. So to start the engine and pull the battery it is necessary to use the key (like linking the cars).

Cycling (Or Accelerating).

To start the fun simply place the first foot on the pedal, the slightest movement of the bike kicks off, the engine of the type “pedal assisted” acts quickly and keeps the torque. You can switch performance modes 1, 2, 3 and S for different speeds and energy consumption.

Unlike hard tail tested (bikes with only front suspension), the Panther offers good damping of the irregularities of the floor, and we had the opportunity, during testing at the circuit, to climb a step of 5 cm without discomfort.

The price of the Besv Panther PS1 is $ $3,750.00 (available only in the U.S. market) salt to the Australian public. With the current tax burden, currency conversion and lack of incentives, it would take a major effort of the population and of the leaders in the Government to the causes related to bikes, components and urban mobility reach levels that make consumers see real advantages for the purchase and use of such equipment, today, accessible to few.