Intel and Apple Are Collaborating on Next iPhone

Two of the IT-world’s greatest Giants team up in the rumor turns off collaboration.

A major new alliance is in the offing, according to sources close to the chip fabrikaten Intel. Up to a thousand Intel employees should after Venture Beats information, be in the process of work on Apple’s new iPhone.

The components like Apple after allegations were made by Intel, is the modem which, among other things, to ensure safe and fast 4 g connection. So far it is Qualcomm who has been great supplier with tagged with Apple.

Intel’s ceo, Brian Krzanich, won’t disclose if any large order from Apple, but confirms that Intel’s upcoming topchip for mobile antennas, Intel 7630, will find their way into new product types in 2016.

Closer cooperation in the future

The partnership comes in the wake of the forsyningsissues to Apple’s A9 processor, which among other things can be found in the latest iPhone 6S. With the high demand, Apple is dependent on production capacity from two suppliers: Samsung and TSMC.

Unnamed sources point now that Apple is working to turn both modem and processor together into a single chip. A move that will provide tangible benefits in production capacity as well as power consumption.

Here is designated Intel as a strategically important partner as the company can offer in today’s most advanced 14nm process technology along with a modem solution.

If such cooperation is taking place in the future, both companies will therefore stand with strong card in the mobile market.