One of the features of instagram blog (@blogminhasdikas) is almost daily post photo of a little baby or child that has something interesting.
It is a wall, an object, a combination of colors, anyway. Ideas that can inspire moms who want to do something different in your kids ‘ room.

Today I joined various inspirations from my pastinha to put here. See how much cool!

I loved the Navy blue wallpaper, which ended up getting super delicate because of the flowers. It is a color I never imagined for girls room and thought it was beautiful the result.

Grey and white has always been one of my favorite combinations. I love the wallpaper! And speaking of wallpaper, see other different options:

Beautiful this polka dots!

Any decor well. I love!

Bed on top, and down House. What girl doesn’t love!?

A line of flags with rest of fabric gives life to the room and is a cheap alternative and easy to do.

Wooden houses with the mattress on the floor is something that we have seen enough. I love this idea because it is a simple structure to make any joiner and every child loves. I think better than the houses closed because they leave the room with a feeling of more space and don’t accumulate dust.

White and black room that you know that I love!

See how simple it is to create the idea of a cabin without having to do with fabric. Just paint the wall coming out of the corner until the end of the bed. Any painter does. And other simple painting and the changing room is the one below:

Put the pads on the wall is a different idea. In this room also, loved the headboard with the love written by hand.

A shelf with bottom painted in pastel colors and cute details make all the difference!

And to finish, doors of the cabinets with special black paint, the child can draw with chalk and then clean up.

Source: Google Images

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