Info Stream, a Singular Application to Follow Your Football Team News

A few months ago we told you about Soccer Scores, an application that allowed us to see the results of football matches of different leagues in the world. If you like to follow matches live and we can not attend smartphones become an interesting option to follow them live.

On this occasion we have to speak of Info Stream, an application that focuses on offering information in a very visual way, following the aesthetics of infographics, supplementing it with statistics and news that come out in social networks.

Once installed the application will ask us what our favorite team. From this moment we already see that the application is very to go to a club in particular and not to make a global monitoring of the rest of the competitions. If it is true that, within the same competition, we can see the other parties very easily.

With the team already chosen we see that the application’s interface is somewhat unique. The menus are very minimalist, Reiterating the aesthetic of computer graphics, and can only view the information in landscape format. Format that to see some panels is useful, but for others, in my humble generic lipitor recall side effects opinion, could give the option of displaying it vertically.

Among the options that we have are panels that we are reporting the real time of the actions of each party. Meanwhile, when not playing the party, we can access to different news about our team. All of them are collected via Twitter.

One of the most interesting options Info Stream offers is the possibility of compare different statistics about the teams He faced. In terms of the variety of leagues application covers the major European competitions, the Spanish of course.

Personally I think a curious application bet strong by a different interface that at times is very comfortable and others not so much. I miss the use of any official source to bring news that sometimes coming out into chronology not add practically nothing.

If you are looking for more alternatives the application of Professional Football League is interesting. If instead you are more than basketball as a server the official app of the Endesa League is very complete and also allows us to watch videos with summaries of each day.