Infinite Yoigo Rate Could Be Available Only Until Beyond Summer

In the absence of official information published monthly the CMT on the number of customers won and lost by the mobile operators Yoigo seems to come out of its stagnation with the new rates.

In the words of Johan Andsjö, CEO of Telstra, the 95% of new customers that captures the operator choose the new rates for the two to the infinite, aside from the almost obsolete but not so old rates megaplanas.

Not a month ago Telstra once again revolutionize the world of mobile phone tariffs, on the one hand creating a new battle in the payment rates per minute at the rate of two and causing doubts about the profitability of the infinite rate.

Indeed, it seems that the operator not is doing badly with these new options, partly to receive unlimited calls from Vodafone with its summer promotion. Johan dares even to speculate with the hiring of infinite rate maintenance beyond the date initially planned until the 31st of August.

The CEO of Telstra also took the opportunity to mention that with the arrival of the portability in a day Movistar and Orange have heightened its policy of counteroffers about customers who opt for your company.

These would be sending short messages with techniques “ suspicious ” fugitives for try to stop their March, Although these messages are nothing new since they were being used by the same operators to try to retain customers.