Infallible Makeup Tricks

The makeup is a great ally of women, using it appropriately can highlight our beauty to the maximum, so here we give you some infallible tricks that you can’t miss.

Apply Eyeliner

If you’re a fan of the delineated cat eye, but even if you never try you looks good, this trick of makeup is perfect for you. You only need a spoon, the first step is to place the handle at the end of your eye to draw a straight line, then turns the spoon and used the rounded edge to create the Tri-outlined, finally fills and draws a line flush with lashes.

Eyelashes without Stains

Happens to the majority of women that to apply the mask to lashes we tend to smear us eyelid ruining our makeup, because that does not pass to the previous trick, use a spoon is the solution onto your eyelid so that it covers it and apply your mask, you can use this same trick for the lower lashes.

Lipstick Home

Already not spend more on lipstick, if you have shadows at home that you do not use them can create a lip, you need a lip balm and a bit of shade or blush. Place them in a bucket and mix with a lip brush and apply it, you’ll have lips with color and wetted. With this tip, you can create a variety of colors for your lips.

Smokey Eyes

It smokey eyes is a makeup that never happens in fashion, for some women it is very easy to make-up your eyes in this way, but there are others that find it complicated, because now no more, to get this look in a simple way, just have to draw a sign of # on the bottom of your eye and blend, this will have a smokey eye light and as made by a professional.

Longer Eyelashes

You like to your eyelashes look longer? The trick is very simple, you only have to apply translucent powder on your eyelashes and then a layer of your mask, let it dry and put another layer, thus will have an abundant and long eyelashes. You can also remove this makeup by tips from

More Black Eyeliner

If your eyeliner is not black enough for framing your eyes, the only thing you have to do is spend a few seconds the flame of a lighter tip, leave to cool a little and use it to outline, you’ll see how it looks much darker.

Zero Lumps

If lumps are formed after applying mascara on your lashes, a trick of makeup you can apply is the following, with a toothbrush that you no longer use, styling them and you’ll see how your tabs are perfect and without the annoying lumps.

Seductive Lips

For lips with volume and seductive, this trick is only infallible, you have to apply a little bit of white eyeliner in the center of the lips and blend it, fill the rest with an eyeliner as close to the color of your lips, apply gloss to an effect better.

With these makeup tricks you will look a perfect makeup, they are tricks that every woman should know and share, so or hesitate to teach these tricks to your friends.

What do you think of these makeup tricks? Do you know some other trick of makeup?