Indigo Semi Precious Stone

Beautiful, colorful and magical: they are the creations of Frascione sisters.Suitable for a summer look, perfect as a gift idea.

Indigo comes from the creativity of Rita Frascione, entrepreneur and producer of jewelry to large national and international brands, and his sister Simonetta.

Together, the two sisters have created a characteristic Florentine artisan shop where you can buy jewelry created with the use of Semi-precious stones. Rita and Simonetta are indeed the expert in this area and know the perfections the powers contained in these natural elements. From Indigo you can find top quality creations and above all Made in Italy: from the elegant necklaces to bracelets, until you get to precious earrings.
The craft shop Indigo is located in Florence in the historic Borgo San Jacopo near Ponte Vecchio, renowned for presence of famous jewelers. La Bottega of Frascione sisters is an exhibition space, but also a laboratory for the creation of jewelry. Each jewel is sold and recommended based on the energetic type of stone that best suits the buyer. The choice of name also given to the workshop was not accidental: the word indigo reference is made ​​to the third eye, tied to a great spiritual power.


Stones and jewelery

Among the stones used may find the rose quartz, the ‘amethyst or rock crystal, stones are able to spread harmony and positivity. In addition to the stones just mentioned in the collection you can admire creations made ​​with a wide variety of pure materials. Objects that besides being beautiful to look at being able to imbue the wearer. A dream come true for the two sisters, who have combined a passion for jewelry in-depth knowledge of the healing power of natural stones by making it available to everyone. In addition, every single stone is used in the creations specially chosen by Rita and Simonetta. Amethyst, coral, rock crystal and many other varieties are the raw material of their craftsmanship that is enhanced thanks to the ability to advise each customer the stone that best suits your needs.

“Today there is a great interest in the stones and their meanings”-says Rita, who also added as the pain has always pushed more people to have greater confidence in the spirituality

Borgo San Jacopo 76r, Florence
Tel.055 291111