In the Backpack Test: Zpacks – Blast

When I bought a trekking bag for the first time, it weighed more than 3kg. Today these 3kg for me are the total weight of the backpack without food and water. But how do you create it?

The secret is to get a system in its equipment so that all parts are as light as possible. The keystone, of course, is the backpack, in which all these objects are worn. My latest achievement from this category is the Blast from the small garage company ZPacks from the USA. This backpack weighs 229g with all the extras, which I have built myself, and takes close 60L with its outer pockets.

The Blast is the ideal ultralight backpack for light trekking tours and has pushedmy GoLite Pinnacle in this area. With 229g it is not only nearly 400g lighter than my optimized Pinnacle, but it is also waterproof and has more extras.


Waist belt with pockets


Daisy chain on the shoulder straps

Fastening rubber on the complete back (crossed)

Large side pocket left (tent)

Two normal side pockets on the right (water bottle, first aid, small parts)

Large outside pocket on the back (rainwear)

Support for sleeping pads between back and backpack via transporthint

Cuben Fiber

The low combat weight is achieved by a modern high-tech material from Cubic Tech Corporation called Cuben Fiber. Without going further into the details, it is said that this material is very tear-resistant, but has its weaknesses in abrasion. So you have to deal with the pack more cautiously than with the Dyneema version. For this, Cuben Fiber is absolutely waterproof and much lighter. Personally I get along well with these circumstances, because I do not hurl my pack against rocks or slides slides.


Weight: 229g

Color: Leaf Green

Material: Cuben Fiber

Volume: about 60 liters

Processing: good

Wear comfort: Very good

Maximum load: 9kg

The Stylefactor

An eyebrow is certainly not the blast and was also titled lovingly by my fellow travelers as a garbage bag.However, with its weight combined with the very comfortable wearing comfort, it is looking for its own. I have always used the blast in combination with a cut-out Artiach LightPlus, which is why it is very comfortable on the back. This experience was confirmed by the quite skeptical fellow-travelers, who are now only deterring the design.


All in all, the ZPacks Blast will be my new companion in the German Mittelgebirge, as well as the two-week Scandinavian tours. Only with more than 9kg backpack weight by food for more than 12 days I will access my Pinnacle. For those who want to have one of these great backpacks, wait for Joe to have a very long queue!