IFA Berlin 2014: Philips Renews Its Range Of Helmets Fidelio

The Fidelio range brings together Philips said nomadic product audiophiles. The helmets Fidelio are particularly distinguished by their audiophile restitution. The IFA in Berlin is the opportunity for Philips to announce a refresh of its range with 4 new references that we propose you to discover.

The Philips Fidelio M1 returned in slightly revised under the name Fidelio MMKIIversion. The overall design and price do not change since it is proposed to 199. According to the manufacturer, we win on this version required to low frequencies and precision of the soundstage. It is now available in Black, white and black.

The Fidelio M2BT integrates Meanwhile, and as its name suggests, the Bluetooth functionality. Proposed at the rate of€ 250, it relies on the audiophile quality with its Bluetooth APT – X compatibility. As a reminder the standard APT-Xoffers a close reproduction of CD quality with a lower compression ratio. Fidelio M2BT also has an NFC chip for the switchgear by simple contact with a compatible mobile source. Shape memory pads (optimized comfort and better insulation), navigation buttons in the beaches located on the headphones and microphones for communication policy are also on the agenda.

The Fidelio NC1 offers the active noise reduction. Also offered at € 249, it is collapsible type supra-aural and offers according to data Builders up to 30 hours. Important information, taking of appeal (microphone) and listening to music are still possible even discharged battery, which is not the case of all the helmets of the kind. Technically speaking, it approximates the M1 Fidelio with its 400 mm diaphragms.

We will conclude with the high-end, the Fidelio X 2, redesign of the excellent X 1. It is a slight update with including the arrival of a still more luxurious leather and velvet-based finish, a new multi layer diaphragms, double hull thickness to improve the fight against vibrations and finally choosing a slope at 15° of membranes that would bring a better correlation with the shape of the ears. It will be available at the price of €299.

The entire range is expected to be deployed to the months of September and October, according to electronicsmatter. Follow.