“I Have Only 300 Things – and Feel Really Rich”

Regina Tödter had amassed nearly 10,000 things in her apartment when she decided: that stuff must go. Today, it has only 300 selected parts. Why this minimalism for them is true wealth.

How you life gradually zumüllt

Admitted a few years ago it was still somewhat chaotically in my four walls. I had almost 10,000 things-have just accumulated over the years. Most of the stuff blocked my apartment and much nesting implied in the cellar compartment.

I was always well organized, but the cleaning, storing and sorting took valuable time. I was slow to the Archivist of my own life, even though I actually went to a real full time job.

Clothes were, of course, my favorite purchase! Because I worked in the textile retail and had lots of advantages and always a reason to go shopping with my discount card. Unfortunately, there was also the one or the other piece of jewelry, which was never worn or spared and had as his sad existence in my crowded closet.

Also I like to photographed in my spare time, put me to music albums, bought books and collected Souvenirs. So hundreds of items built up itself year after year, whose presence I, if at all, only introduced in parades in question. All that stuff was stumbling blocks and time thieves, peeped out from drawers.

Just let it go and be happy?

That possession is not happy, I have read often. Before I went into the textile industry namely, I studied religion and theology. While I was dealing in particular with the Buddha’s teachings. At first I could do nothing with his “Losslass” philosophy.

Only when I quit my job to serve in future as a freelance, I dug out old study material and discovered: Buddha is a true purge Pro and its enlightenment ideas are practical Entrümplungs tips! This helped me to finally rid myself of all ballast. Because before I can let a actually on something new, the old must I let go, it’s obvious.

Immediately I started. From the “four noble truths” were four noble boxes: one for the black bin, one to give as a gift, the third for the cellar and the last only for current stuff. So, I reduced my complete possessions gradually to reach the end of a good feel lot of about 300 things. I had not expected now really!

All my clothes fit into a suitcase

Today, each unit has its function and is repeatedly checked for its usability. I have a bed, a desk and a daylight lamp. In two cases, I have accommodated my five folders and 30 books. I have about 20 kitchen utensils and 7 pairs of shoes. My Clothes fit all in a suitcase, including three pants, three skirts, a few T-Shirts, three sweaters, and uniform.

I used a colorful bird, what’s the clothes color choice. This made every morning to the agony: what should I wear? What fits together? Where do I fit into it yet? Between the colorful things were many Fehlkäufe and bargains, I could have saved me. Today I’m back deliberately and choose just tailored, timeless and discreet parts. With basics and darker shades, I have solved this problem.

I also found a very practical solution for the shoes: I’m wearing so-called Barefoot shoes. Ballerinas without sales and with a very thin sole. You provide for absolute ground, suitable for spontaneous sprints, fit to all garments and are long term back-friendly. At the beginning, had to I get used to it (since I had worn heel shoes before 15 years), got sore muscles. But they are my favorite minimalist discovery so far.

Easier it will be on in the budget, since no more washing up mountains looming or clean sweep actions: I need no dishwasher with a few dishes, I own neither vacuum cleaners, fridge, microwave oven, a coffee machine nor couch.

The housecleaning is done quickly, the few cups are fix rinsed off and quickly swept the floor. I prepare my coffee with a “French Press” (Kettle) and looking up more friends over there the paper Cup finger food or for once. Because what one has a supermarket around the corner. The shop is so to speak, my refrigerator and the refrigerator door is open from 7 to 20 h. I put them back every day a number of steps and keep so just enough muscle in between. I save me big purchases and thereby throw away less food.

Clean up is done in the head

The tidying of everyday life but also positively affect the State of mind: the head is clear and free the thoughts. I better start of the day, am much more open everyday challenges.

For example, the regular running outdoors works just fine. I’m a total much careful and focused. No wonder, because me no postcards, photos, poster, or figurine from the actual thing distracting. And finally I can put my good intentions into action. With the clean-up action, I have decided to drink even more alcohol. Instead, I write books, articles and a column today.

I also like using sharing portals-where is eagerly exchanged, shared, rented and given away. As a result, I could to get rid of a lot of my stuff and me exchanging with like-minded people. And if I again need an unusual accessory for an upcoming party, I let me look on so-called swap-(Tausch)-partys, which often exist in my town.

What do we actually need?

What I was maybe a little too rash, is the sale of my digital camera. Actually I would like to shoot any pictures at all (but enjoy the moment as it is without having to shoot him). But right now, where I would have gladly held the release process, I could use really good camera. Bond is unfortunately almost as expensive as new shopping and my phone camera is of yesteryear.

But is the great thing about minimalism: it is imaginative and creative or realizes at the end that only direct job creation are much and distract from the essential. What I would like to waive no case, is my laptop, the armchairs and the Yoga mat. But secretly I dream to have, at some point only much as fits in a backpack. Well, if it works?

Tea er photo: plainpicture/Jen Fong