Hunter’s Bread

Since I remember that the hunter’s bread I do on a branch of tree placed in the form of a snake. But many times I’ve been a little raw the dough. Now I bring you a different and entertaining way of cooking it. For those who still do not know the recipe of this coveted camp bread, I give them now:


  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Oil (optional)
  • Vanilla (optional)
  • Chocolate bar (optional)
  • Green Branches and having a Y.

How do you prepare!

Mix the flour with water, salt (to taste), we add a little oil and vanilla (optional), until having a mass more or less thick. The branches are varnished with a little oil (to avoid sticking) and we can add more vanilla to give a better flavor. Once the branches are varnished we put the dough and inside we can add the chocolate to the bar. Place the branch on the fathoms and wait for it to cook.

Note: If there is fire it will burn, do it only in the fathoms, as remzfamily instructs.

Now Footsteps

Step 1: For the Branch

Step 2: With the dough ready, the peeled branch and the chocolate are ready to start.

Step 3: start by placing the dough in one of the branches of the Y, and then begins to roll leaving in the middle the bar of chocolate forming a kind of “empanada”

Step 4: Once rolled the dough, we can place in the fathoms.

Step 5: Wait for it to cook

Step 6: Enjoy !!!