HTC Titan Windows Phone 7 In The Cinema Format

Smartphone titanium
As the titan windows phone 7.5 operating system is used. In the thin aluminium (9.9 mm) operates a 1.5-gigahertz processor and 512 megabytes of memory. 16 gigabyte memory not expandable are for data and apps. The large and weighing around 160 grams HTC fits in your shirt pocket and even in the back pocket of a pair of loose-fitting jeans. You keep it comfortable with one hand. It is slightly larger than the popular samsung galaxy S2 even flatter as the iphone, thanks to its slender frame.

Large display
Surfing, reading and photo – or video watching 4.7 inch (11.9 centimeters) large super LCD display just more fun. Only the giant samsung galaxy touch offers even more with 5.3 inches more pixels, because HTC has just 480 x 800 pixels. That’s enough for photos; but who wants to read small print, must frequently increase the text.

HTC titan: Design and features

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even if the data in the frame with 8-megapixel resolution, backlit sensor for shooting in low-light conditions and 28 mm wide angle lens to accommodate larger scenes were already promising, there was in the camera test a pleasant surprise: The HTC titan reached a photo quality paper by 2.27 only the nokia N8 so far better recorded. At least with good lighting, the photos were better than that of the iphone 4S. However, the apple device stores recordings much faster (in 0.4 seconds instead of 1.3 for the HTC). At the front-facing camera, it leaves HTC at a 1.3-mega pixel snapping. Records on videos in HD quality (720 p).

In the test, the titan during a telephone conversation nine hours and while listening to music was 18 hours. In test mode with typical intensive usage (surfing via wi-fi and UMTS, GPS navigation and more) was after ten hours.

Overview: The best smartphones

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for windows phone, there are significantly fewer apps than android or Ios. The google operating system provides more opportunities for the experienced users, windows phone 7 is, however, is somewhat clearer. However, microsoft takes over almost all restrictions for the data exchange of apple and relies completely on cloud computing (online storage). In contrast to previous windows phones, the HTC titan brings other devices, about a laptop wirelessly via wi-fi to the internet (tethering).

Conclusion: HTC titan

Who want a large screen and can befriend with windows phone 7, HTC really has titan’s easy-to-use is and has a surprisingly good camera. In the test it showed weaknesses in reception and telephone sound. However .

Test conclusion: You need to know that

Works in the thin aluminium (9.9 mm) of the HTC titan a 1.5-gigahertz processor. The place for data and apps is rather economical with 512 megabytes RAM and 16 GB total memory. If you want a big screen in the convenient format is correct with the titan. It is easy to use and has a surprisingly good camera. In the test, the smartphone but showed weaknesses in reception and phone sound. (according to the test procedure until october 2014 the test note 2.51 was) best price on the internet: 119.90 euro * per order this product at amazon good photo quality despite widescreen handy easy to use contra no USB synchronization for calendar entries with PC mediocre reception test note of editor 3.01 satisfying user rating now write a.