HTC One A9-First Look at iPhone Challenger

The latest flagship model from HTC evokes associations with iPhone 6, but contains other notable qualities. Our site takes a closer look at the new metal flagship.

HTC is in need of a hit. After a questionable success with the flagship One M9 saddles the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer about when to sit close up of the most popular mobile phone.

Look you fleetingly at One A9, one can easily get to write off your phone like an iPhone clone, but it is now a premature conclusion. HTC’s new dishes contains a history and qualities, which promises the cheap copy products.

HTC are pioneers for in his time mobiles with aluminium outer-long before Apple held their iPhones in their distinctive brushed metal. Since Apple launched the iPhone in its day 6, flew accusations about HTC-plagiarism.

In the game of giving HTC again by the same coin by introducing design elements from Apple’s popular smart phones in One A9 and by spicing up the result with their usual focus on sound, quality construction and their special Sense-version of Android.


Specifications HTC One A9

  • Dimensions: 145.75 x 70.8 x 7.26 mm, 143 grams
  • Screen: 5 inch Full HD AMOLED, 441 PPI
  • Performance: Snapdragon 617 1.5 GHz octa-core, Adreno 405 graphics, 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 16 GB + micro-SD
  • Camera: 13 megapixel + 4 megapixel
  • Software: Android 6.0 Marshmallow + Sense-adaptation
  • Colors: Carbon Gray (and later Deep Garnet Red)
  • Moreover: fingerprint reader, 24-bit audio
  • Price: Guideline 4,990.0-NOK

Now they saw there, side by side, the A9 and the Apple iPhone HTC One 6. And there are many of the similarities.

Both share an exclusive metal casing, a so-called 2.5 D-monitor that carefully bows down in a rounded metal body and a fingerprint reader, acting home-button South of the display. Profile at One A9 is at 7 mm and a muzzle hair from iPhone 6 ‘s 6.9 mm thin ditto.

‘ Find five fejl’-the game continues on the back where the camera the lens juts out and also protected the sapphire glass and a polished aluminium edge.

But as soon as that is kept on the phone, stop the similarities. HTC One A9 feels easier, maybe even a little hollow compared to the iPhone. The explanation will be found in a larger footprint with One A9, which with its 5 inch screen is piece larger than in the Apple phone.

And then there is the screen. Taking advantage of AMOLED technology appears One A9 both more contrasted and colorful than the iPhone. Here is full-throttle on the color palette, but it becomes too much of a good thing, it can be toned down for a more natural look in the settings.

A lydspecialist

HTC and harmony is a long love story. It is best illustrated by their bet on a good listening experience with their Boom Sound speakers in a field dominated by scratchy smartphones.

The A9 is the accomplished in One front-facing stereo speakers, however, nowhere to be found, but are replaced instead by a simple ones, which this time pointing down. A consequence of HTC’s new design line.

This time the attention is turned toward the output from the jack-plug, as like in One M9 delivers a tower high sound pressure levels, but at the same time enhances your music files. It is done by means of tailor-made algorithms which upscales the audio to 24-bit quality sound.


Between class-mechanics

How Apple focuses on a few, but extremely powerful nuclei, in their processors, is diametrically opposite approach in HTC’s new ACE.

Here you will find an octa-core processor from Qualcomm. It belongs to the producer between class-series for 2016 with many, but small, cylinders to drive Android 6.0 above.

It is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and a modest storage space on 16 GB. Fortunately, the latter can be extended via a micro-SD card and together with Google’s new Android version, both the internal and external storage can be connected together into a size.

So it is not the mechanics who must catch up with the market’s fastest phones, but it might be good right away, for the battery at 2,150 mAh is significantly smaller than that which big brother M9 is ekviperet with.

Fortunately, supported Quickcharge 2.0, while the faster 3.0 standard is only a software update from being activated.

A happy HTC-camera?

HTC has had varying success with their mobile phone cameras, but in this generation, the company seems to have struck a good balance between high resolution sensors, speed and ease of use.

Here features 13 megapixels, a competent optical stabilization, as well as a bright f/2.0 lens that is accompanied by a two-toned LED flash. My meeting with One the A9 was short, but the impression is positive and it arouses optimism thoughts about that HTC has finally found the key to a good camera.

Is the mood for selfies, you’ll rediscover One M9 ‘s good Ultrapixel-camera, if 4 megapixels particularly conspicuous when the light is Dim.


Overtakes Google in Android

With HTC has long been proud of the Sense, their special adaptations to Android. With One A9, HTC while being proud to be first in Denmark with Google’s latest version of the operating system: 6.0 Marshmallow.

Thus you will get early access to the function ‘ Now on Tap ‘, a practical sort of Google search inside an app where you know a long press on the home button gets relevant searches on a website you visit, for example, or a message you just received.

In addition, Doze mode, which is an intelligent power management that can potentially double the standby time and a much more fine-grained control over what your apps can and cannot do to access on your mobile.

Upstairs 6.0 software gets HTC Sense, which is now dropping the numbering and offers many of the features as One M9 offered, including an intelligent theme-choose to tailor the phone’s look.

An interesting alternative

My meeting with One the A9 was short, but interesting. HTC has undoubtedly had an iPhone-users in mind when this cell was for, but here is, after all, enough with the inner qualities, to HTC would be able to maintain their interest.

The price of 4,990.0-makes One A9 directly up against last year’s iPhone 6. My hope is, therefore, that the Taiwanese have been careful to fine tune both the mechanics and the camera and the battery so it can measure up to topmobil last year from Apple.

Otherwise One A9 to meet a grim fate as expensive iPhone-clone.

HTC OneA9 will get Danish debut in the dark grey variant the 30. October.