HTC One A9 Beats The HTC One M9 Into The Dxomark Camera Test

The HTC one A9 in the barriers – at least as regards the camera has high end smartphones. According to a current test of the experts by DxOMark even better photos than were possible with the HTC one M9 with the middle-class device.

HTC One A9 Beats The HTC One M9 Into The Dxomark Camera Test

Therefore, the HTC one A9 in the camera test receives 78 points from DxOMark overall. Thus, the Smartphone performs better than the other current devices of the manufacturer from Taiwan – and be able to compete again in a better position to bring HTC. For comparison: the HTC one M9 comes into the DxOMark camera test on a score of only 69 points.

Good Results Despite 13 MP

The main camera of HTC one A9 allows MP with the resolution of 13 shots while the camera of HTC one M9 with 21 MP resolves. The additional features are responsible first and foremost for good photos of one A9: so the camera has, for example, an f/2.0 aperture, generic lipitor meijer while the one M9 only with a f/2.2-aperture is equipped.

Also the optical image stabilization and the dual-LED flash help the test according to better photos are possible with the HTC one A9 as with the HTC one M9. Another plus is the ability to save pictures in RAW format, which proves beneficial especially during post processing. For the top of the camera of one A9 is not sufficient however – so for example some of the details were lost; In addition, images are sometimes slightly underexposed at contrasting scenarios.

Overall would be the HTC one A9 but an excellent camera; especially given the price, the Smartphone for the hobby photographer might be a good alternative to many current high end smartphones on the market. How to proves the device in other areas, you can read her in our detailed review of the HTC one A9.