HTC: New Smartphone Will Be a Good Alternative to the iPhone

When HTC launches its new One A9 smartphone, it will be as a good alternative to Apple’s iPhone, think HTC’s Director.

It can hardly come as a surprise, what HTC this evening reveals to the audience and interested viewers at home in the living room. As the rumors have long indicated, there is very likely talking about the model One A9.

Just commenting on the forthcoming smartphone HTC’s ceo and Chairman, Cher Wang, now on the face of a local Taiwanese newspaper. Here, she says, to the phone, which tonight will be presented, would be a good alternative to Apple’s iPhone, “because it finds a balance between beauty, performance and simplicity”.

It is also Cher Wang, who back in June apologized over for shareholders in the company, after the worst records during the six months was presented. In this context, she promised a top model-a so-called “hero-product” here for October, which will make great progress in terms of design.

It must therefore be presumed that it is the long-rygtede HTC One A9, which she alluded to and which will be presented at an event in New York, there will be livestreamed from 18:00 o’clock this evening.