HTC-Director: It’s Apple Who Copied Our Design

One of HTC’s directors defend the recently launched HTC One A9 and pronounce that it is Apple, which in its time copied HTC’s design-and not the other way around.

There can be little doubt that Apple’s iPhone and HTC’s 6s One A9 similar incredibly much on the design front. In fact, so much so that it immediately after lan cation one of One touch tune with an A9 complaints that HTC ko pi e re the Apple’s iPhone 6s.

But is that actually talk about that it’s HTC that has ko pi elected Apple’s design? Answer a is-not exceeding ra sken de-a clear ‘no’, if you ask HTC-Director for Northern Asia, Jack Tong. 

“We do not copy. We did a phone be dressed with “unibody”-metal in 2013. It is Apple who ko pi isare us regarding an tenne designed on the back “, in addition he speaks for the newspaper Want China Times in the binding’s el view with lan ce ring one of the phone.

Take a closer look at the two pro you cen’ history of how-to-team show iPhones and One models, there is also generic lipitor glass some truth for felt equal. HTC-Director alludes to the original national HTC One, as was lan ED to Bake until March 2013. At this time was the latest iPhone, which not 5s made use of the same ten ne the sign on an behind the side with the two horizontal lines.

This design im ple but te re the Apple first in iPhone 6, there was the right sep tem ber ce lan last year.There may therefore not be the great doubt, which of the two is first with this spe ci got ke design choices.The talk goes on, however, significantly more design elements than just the antenna: in particular form factor with the soft, round edges and corners as well as the speaker, power connect ningen and mini jack connector on the bottom have significant equal with Apple’s latest two iPhones.

However, there does not seem to keep the HTC back, as has just been pro kla meret, that will make use of the same design from One A9 to the future smartphones in M and Desire series.