HTC Android Tablet 2012

We were talking about just this morning when other manufacturers of Android tablets (aside from Asus and Acer) it would be to produce models with Tegra 3, and like clockwork HTC also seem determined to join the fray.

According to smartercomputing, the taiwanese company would have to work on his only Android Tablet for 2012, which should be presented at the upcoming Mobile World Congress to be held in late February in Barcelona, and released into the third quarter of next year, or at least before the rivals with Windows 8 on board. It is unclear whether or not these rivals will be a model produced by the company itself.

The line-up for the next MWC however does not end here, HTC is expected to arrive there including two Smartphones: HTC Edge, which we already talked about, and that should even be the first Android smartphone quad-core ever, and HTC Villas, which will remain faithful to the tradition of dual core.

There are still more than three months at the MWC already and things get very interesting and we have no reason to doubt that the wait will become even more frantic as time goes on, and of course we will be there to tell you all live.