How to Wear Varsity Jacket

Want to know how to wear varsity jacket? We at a can help you! If you love varsity jackets but are always in doubt as to the best ways to make it look chic and stylish, today we will give you important tips on how this clothing can be used. The varsity jackets have been winning people for their versatility, composing very modern and charming visuals, do not miss it, learn to use this piece to compose your looks from now on!

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When did the varsity jackets come about?

Although the varsity jacket compose modern looks, it is already quite old. It came about around the year 1865 (it’s quite old is not it?), At Harvard University in the United States. The varsity jacket, which translated into our language means: varsity jackets, was used by the university football teams and contained the letter “H” to represent the university name a few years later.

From ancient times to the present day, the popularity and fame of this jacket has only increased.Today, thousands of people around the world already buy and use this piece.

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What kind of clothing does the varsity jacket match?

This jacket model fits in well with the urban style of the youngsters (jeans trousers or skirts , shorts, shirt or shirt with sneakers, shorts, among others). These jackets can compose a sporty model, in this way, you will not be able to incorporate it for use in casual or formal events without your style being modified.

In order for the varsity jackets to fit well on you and for you to be very stylish with it, you need to form a harmonious set of pieces to be part of your look.

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Where to buy the varsity jackets

It is possible to find this type of jacket available on the internet on the website of Dafiti and

To find in the stores of your city, you will have to search a lot, walk in all the stores and ask the sellers about the existence of this model of jacket in your city.Unfortunately, in conventional stores it is not as simple to find.

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Varsity jacket: beautiful and very versatile

The varsity jacket can be worn by both men and women. Currently, it is sold in several different models, colors and shapes, they are made to be part of any type of wardrobe and suit all preferences.

For girls who want to get away from the clothes they are accustomed to wearing and daring more in the visual, just put a pair of jeans and jacket and they will already be too produced to destroy wherever they pass. The varsity jacket can also be used in combination with skirt and pantyhose, giving a very modern style.

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