How to Wear Skirts in Summer?

Not even summer yet and the girls have already begun to take small pieces of wardrobe. And the part that is super trend for next summer 2016 is the nozzle exit. She’s the miniskirt that leaves you more quiet because it has some nipples covering in the middle front and back, up the sides.

And the jeans sainha is that wildcard play right. Super combined with the warm climate of our tropical country, but we can not stay in the same model year, if not we get bored, and besides, the jeans is very basic. Thinking about that designers have given it a renewed and now the super fashion is to use nozzle skirt.

It is cut into V then looks like it has a pout same, which gives a super clubby to play. Not to miss the time to combine, always use modern pieces because it itself is a modern super piece. Use cintinhos with details in colored metal and preferably combine with large collars and feet choose according to the occasion defined by the blog.

If for night use grasshopper; if for the day to day combine with tennis, it makes the sport look; with boots and reel off the skirt (destroyed) will leave you with visual type rocker and a cute look choose a sneaker, is super romantic.

But to use the nozzle skirt has to be with her ​​legs day because they only look good in short sizes and mini. As much as you want to get away from the sexy style using this skirt, avoid using very large sweaters. As the skirt is small, the large blouse could end up covering almost every skirt, destroying your look. You know the super trend boho chic? If you combine the nozzle exit with a rasteirinha will fall into it … you like? So just make this combination is super high! Do not forget that to match short skirts you can not use necklines or bare midriff, it is very common, unless the idea is to stay in style periguete same.

Similarly, if you use the pulled nozzle exit do not use with blouses or frill bags as it will generate a lot of information and lose focus style. The most intense colors are super trendy, it is very common to find the nozzle skirts in yellow, blue, green and pink, these colors give a super cool style to the piece.

If you already have some skirt worn and wants to make it super updated, give to yourself prepares it at home, just pass a tape V-shaped sides of the skirt, make sure the size is nice to not be too short, especially because the jeans will reel off a bit, then cut out with a stylus.

If you want to completely change the style of skirt you can also paint it with acrylic paint to fabrics leaving the new and stylish.